Developed, engineered and manufactured to the exact requirements of those who use their tools, DEWALT products are relied upon by professionals all around the world. Each product is tested at length by genuine professionals, under the most demanding jobsite conditions.


Following in his father's footsteps, Raymond E. DeWalt worked in construction after leaving school. Repeatedly encountering the high costs of labour in all fields of work, he would install machines wherever possible to handle specific needs.

When he was superintendent of Seabrook Farms, he perfected the first radial arm machine for the purpose of providing more versatility in woodworking operations. Seabrook Farms wood mill produced numerous products from basic boxes to complete houses but the amount of work required exceeded the company's capacity. The owner could not afford to increase the headcount and so the only solution was to ensure his men produced more work.

He built a yoke which connected directly to a motor and a saw and fitted it onto a standard arm. The saw could be raised, lowered, moved forward and backward, and adapted to all types of angles. With this system, he could handle the same amount of work as four men, reducing labour costs beyond his wildest imagination.

Seabrook Farm



the dewalt team

DEWALT speaks face-to-face with 20,000 construction professionals every year, during every phase of product development. The relationship with end-users has continued to develop over the years and becomes better and better all the time. The objective is always to come up with tools that will exceed customers' expectations.



Product Development

DEWALT tests each and every product to the extreme, earning them the right to be labelled Guaranteed Tough.

The products are thoroughly tested by real professionals, under the most demanding jobsite conditions.


Supporting elite teams and athletes that live the values of the DEWALT brand


Dewalt Moto GP

MotoGP and Monster Yamaha Tech3 put their trust in DEWALT tools to maintain essential equipment to the highest levels of durability and safety – preparing circuit infrastructures and bikes to surpass all rivals, even in the most challenging racing conditions. Every component is fine-tuned as it can mean the ultimate difference between glorious triumph or crushing defeat.

Extreme Sports

Dewalt Moto GP

Always demonstrating their extraordinary skill, passion and determination, DEWALT supports world-class action sport athletes and teams as they strive for victory in the toughest competitions. Whether it’s building the ramps, cutting the trails, or fixing the bikes, DEWALT tools have long been chosen for their reliability and performance in the most extreme conditions.


Dewalt Moto GP

Famously known as the ‘Toughest Sport on Dirt’, DEWALT is proud to support the determined Professional Bull Riders as they face the gruelling, fast-paced action. Professional bull riding is a fierce, rough, and brutal sport, which matches the world’s best bull riding athletes against the toughest animal athletes on the planet in an 8-second man versus beast duel.


Dewalt FC Barcelona

DEWALT and FC Barcelona share an unrivaled spirit of determination and a passionate will to succeed. In international club football, they've won 20 European and World titles: 5 UEFA Champions League titles, a record 4 UEFA Cup Winners' Cups, a joint record 5 UEFA Super Cups, a record 3 Inter-Cities Fairs Cups, and a joint record 3 FIFA Club World Cups.


Changing the game with the new DEWALT XR Flexvolt battery

The XR FLEXVOLT range offers runtime and performance that has never been seen before without the need for mains power.

The XR FLEXVOLT range offers runtime and performance that has never been seen before without the need for mains power.

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Offering performance and runtime that has never been seen before, the XR FLEXVOLT is a range of 54V power tools that can reliably undertake heavy-duty construction applications without the need for mains power.

Enjoy 54v power across a whole range of tools without the inconvenience of a cable. And XR FLEXVOLT can switch from 54v to 18v, to make it compatible with your existing XR power tools. It is DEWALT's most advanced cordless system and the first battery pack that automatically changes voltage when you change tools. The battery has the option to “amplify its voltage” to an unprecedented 54v, meaning they can be used on big, heavy duty construction tools.

The new batteries are also 6Ah or 9Ah when slotting into an 18v XR tool. Partner them with a brushless cordless tool and you probably won’t need to charge the battery at all during the day.


Undertake heavy-duty applications with tools you can trust.

DEWALT Circular Saws

DeWalt Circular Saws

A wide range of circular saws which meet every cutting need on the job. Whether it's corded or cordless, these circular saws have the power and performance to stand up to even the toughest jobs.

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DEWALT Grinders

DeWalt Grinders

DEWALT Grinders provide professional concrete and metalworking users a wide range of choices from small to large. All are designed for rigorous use and long life.

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DEWALT Impact Wrenches

DeWalt Impact Wrenches

Providing improved run time and durability, these impact wrenches feature high-performance brushless motors delivering substantial torque.

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DEWALT Cordless Kits

DeWalt Cordless Kits

Get the cordless tools you need in one easy DEWALT carry combination kit. All tools are powered by the same battery pack and charger and you'll save money versus buying each tool individually.

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DEWALT Nail Guns and Staplers

DeWalt Nail Guns and Staplers

Find the right tool for any fastening application with our wide range of pneumatic and cordless nailers and staplers, delivering tough-as-nails reliability. 

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DEWALT Screwdrivers

DeWalt Screwdrivers

View our range of cordless electric screwdrivers including brushless drywall screwguns, gyroscopic power screwdrivers, impact driver kits and more.

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DEWALT Combi Drills

DEWALT Combi DrillRenowned for their quality and toughness, DEWALT combi drills are designed to handle more than one function with ease. For driving screws or drilling holes, the XR lithium ion technology delivers longer run time. Find your perfect combi drill from our range. 

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DEWALT Radios and Speakers

DeWalt Radios and Speakers

Providing clear and rich sound at all volume levels,these jobsite radios will have you singing along while you work. Built tough enough to handle the toughest worksites. 

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No matter what task you are undertaking

DEWALT Impact Rated Sets

Dewalt Impact Rated Sets

Built tough to exceed the expectations of the professional, impact sockets and socket sets are designed for automotive, industrial, maintenance and construction applications.

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DEWALT Masonry Drilling Sets

Dewalt Masonry Drilling Sets

Drill bit sets comprise of the most popular sizes for plugs and fixings, suitable for light to heavy-duty masonry applications such as stone, concrete and brick.

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DEWALT Jigsaw Blade Sets

Dewalt Jigsaw Blade Sets

jigsaw blades ensure clean lines with every cut and they're built to last. No other jigsaw blade is Guaranteed Tough®.

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DEWALT Metal Drilling Sets

Dewalt Masonry Drilling Sets

Metal drill bits which cut metal with ease, resulting in a clean cut which professional contractors have come to rely on.

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Is DEWALT a good brand and is it worth the money?

Absolutely. DEWALT have professional tradesmen test every product to the extreme, under demanding jobsite conditions, to ensure that their tools meet expectations. Why DEWALT is so popular comes down to their continuous production of reliable, innovative tools.

Is DEWALT better than other manufacturers?

DEWALT’s objective is to work side by side with professionals and create tools that will exceed their expectations. But it is hard to say if DEWALT is “better” than other tool manufacturers. What is best is highly subjective! Some tradesmen will have loyalties to a particular brand, without having experience of any others. Makita, Milwaukee and Bosch all manufacture high-quality tools, but whether one is ‘better’ than the other is likely to come down to personal preference.

How does DEWALT warranty work?

All DEWALT products purchased from ToolStoreUK come with a standard 1-year warranty. The warranty on certain models can be extended to 3-years (excluding battery and charger). To register your 3-year warranty where applicable, visit DEWALT’s warranty registration page within 30 days of making your purchase. If you would like to discuss your options please contact our customer services team on 03330 043777 or


TSTAK units are the ultimate flexible storage solution, using interlocking systems that you can configure to your exact requirements. The ToughSystem uses 4mm thick reinforced polypropylene plastic with heavy-duty metal latches and metal hinges for unbeatable toughness and protection. DEWALT TSTAK and ToughSystem are two different systems and do not work together.

Can DEWALT tools be tracked?

A selection of DEWALT tools can be tracked with DEWALT Tool Connect™.

How does DEWALT Tool Connectâ„¢ work?

Designed to help save you time and money, Tool Connect™ is a three-part inventory management solution that allows you to connect, track and customise your inventory of tools across multiple jobsites. Download the app on your phone (click here for the App Store or get it on Google Play) and follow the instructions to pair the Bluetooth enabled tools in your inventory. Data will be sent automatically to your Inventory Manager account where you will be able to view your inventory on your computer. Tool Connect™ will track your tools, tell you where they are or where they were last seen, and to who they were last assigned. For non-Bluetooth inventory, a Tool Connect™ Tag can be attached to the equipment to track its location.

When does DEWALT release new tools and what's new right now?

You can find all the latest innovative tools from DEWALT on our DEWALT Exclusive page.

What is brushless technology and which DEWALT tools are brushless?

Brushless tools operate very differently than brushed motor tools and there are many advantages over their ‘brushed’ counterparts. In both brushless and brushed motors, magnets are responsible for the rotary motion. In brushed motors, the power supply runs through two brushes on both sides of the motor’s shaft, touching part of the motor called the commutator. The commutator transfers the electric current from the carbon brushes into another part of the motor called the armature, which is copper wiring that’s wrapped tightly into dense coils creating an electromagnetic field when the electric current passes into the coils. In a brushless motor, the armature is located on the outside of the motor and a small circuit board controls power to the armature. When the circuit board supplies the coils with electric current, the same opposing magnetic field is created and the magnets on the motor shaft begin to spin.

With brushed motors, the brushes are in constant contact with the rotating commutator. This creates friction, which creates heat, and causes wear and tear. With brushless motors, the rotor isn’t in contact with anything - there’s nothing to wear down over time. In this regard, they’re much more efficient and longer lasting than brushed motors. Also, because of the elimination of the friction-producing brushes, brushless motors are a good deal more powerful too, at the same voltage as a brushed motor.

What is DEWALT XR and what does XR stand for?

DEWALT announced a new range of XR cordless power tools in 2011; the XR stands for eXtreme Runtime but what does DEWALT XR mean? XR technology combines efficient motors with high capacity batteries. The brushless motors offer up to 57% more runtime than standard brushed motors. Where mechanical carbon brush motors generate friction and heat build-up, XR brushless motors run cooler and more efficiently enabling longer runtime between charges meaning you’ll be able to charge less and work more.

Are DEWALT XR tools brushless?

Most DEWALT XR tools are brushless and over time, all new DEWALT cordless machines will feature brushless motors. Brushed motors produce more friction that can cause heat to build up, creating more wear and tear. XR brushless motors are more efficient, creating less friction allowing for longer runtime between charges.


DEWALT’s XR FLEXVOLT range of 54V power tools offer exceptional runtime and performance, allowing you to undertake heavy-duty construction applications without the need for mains power.

This innovation allows you to enjoy 54V power across a whole range of tools without the inconvenience of a cable. DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT batteries can switch from 54V to 18V, making them backward compatible with your existing XR power tools.

How does DEWALT FLEXVOLT work?

In DEWALT FLEXVOLT batteries there are 3 sets of cells running in parallel. When attached to a 54V FLEXVOLT machine, these cells work together to produce the full 54V of power. When connected to an 18V machine, the cells operate separately, creating an 18V battery with a larger amp power and significantly increased runtime.

What DEWALT drill should I buy?

Before you ask which DEWALT drill, it is best to think about what you will be using the drill for. There are a number of different types. Are you looking for a drill for everyday household tasks or something hardier for a large renovation project? Even if the answer is both, there will be a DEWALT drill to suit you. Think about the material you are working with. Consider too the size and weight of the drill. It will affect how long you can spend working on your task, so make sure the drill is comfortable for you to handle. Some drills are corded and need to be plugged into the mains. If you want to be more mobile, you may want to consider a cordless drill. DEWALT has a wide variety of drills to choose from: combi drills, drill drivers, diamond core drills, hammer drills, SDS drills and angle drills. For more information on the types of drills and how to choose the right one for you, check out our guide here.

Are DEWALT drills any good?

DEWALT have professional tradesmen test each drill under demanding jobsite conditions to ensure that their drills meet the expectations of their users. All DEWALT drills are Guaranteed Tough and renowned for their excellent quality.

Where are DEWALT drills made?

DEWALT is a global manufacturer and distributor of power tools, manufacturing in the UK, US, Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy, the Czech Republic and more. Their drills are built with materials and components from all over the world.

Which DEWALT drills are brushless?

Coming soon.

Are DEWALT drills waterproof?

Unless explicitly expressed in the product description, it is safer to assume your drill is not waterproof and take necessary precautions when working in wet environments. Check your manual for instructions on how to care for and maintain your DEWALT drill.

How to change drill bit on DEWALT drill?

Depending on the DEWALT drill you are using, you may or may not need to use a chuck to change your drill bits.

Before you start, always make sure your power source is disconnected.

If your DEWALT drill did come with a chuck key, find the chuck key that came with the tool and line up the teeth on the chuck key with the teeth on the chuck. Then, insert the tip of the key into one of the holes on the side of the chuck. Once you’ve done this, you can start opening the jaws on the chuck and slowly and carefully pull the bit out using your index finger and thumb. To put a new bit in, simply hold the shank of the bit (the smooth part) with your index finger and thumb and insert into the jaws and, with a good hold on the tool, tighten the chuck again. To do this, take your chuck key and line it up again with the teeth. Then insert it into each hole on the side of the chuck and turn it clockwise, ensuring they grip tightly. As you tighten the jaws of the chuck again, make sure that you’re able to keep a steady grip on the bit. You don’t want it to fall out while you tighten the jaws or get put in incorrectly. Turn the drill on and test it to make sure it’s working correctly.

If your drill has a keyless chuck, to change the bit, it’s a slightly different process. First you’ll need to loosen the chuck by holding it with one hand and holding the handle of your drill with the other hand. Next, turn the chuck anti-clockwise to open the jaws and remove the bit carefully. Hold the bit you want to use between your thumb and index finger with the shank facing towards the chuck. Put the bit into the chuck jaws and then pull it back towards you about a centimetre. Keep hold of the bit as you tighten the jaws back up. Pull the trigger very gently several times to ensure that the bit is installed into the chuck correctly.

If your machine is an SDS+ or SDS-MAX product, the drill bits with the appropriate SDS fitting are inserted directly into the front of the machine. To install these, simply push the bit into the tool holder and twist until you hear a click. Your drill bit should now be locked into place and ready to use. To remove a bit from an SDS machine, pull back the rear collar of the SDS chuck / tool holder with one hand, whilst using the other hand to pull the bit away from the machine.

Where are DEWALT saws made?

DEWALT saws are manufactured across the globe, in the UK, US, Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy, the Czech Republic and more.

Which DEWALT saw is best?

Which DEWALT saw is best will largely depend on what you are trying to cut and the application. DEWALT offers a wide range of saws to meet every cutting need, from mitre saws, circular saws, reciprocating saws, jig saws and table saws. All their saws are designed for the professional through extensive jobsite research and testing so no matter what DEWALT tool you choose, you can be sure of its high-quality.

Can DEWALT blades be sharpened?

It depends. Some blades can be sharpened professionally but if you’ve hit nails or other debris with any frequency while cutting, the teeth may have chipped or fallen out, in which case there’s no point in sharpening. However, ToolStoreUK stock a wide range of replacement blades for DEWALT power saws at highly competitive prices.

How does the DEWALT nailer work?

DEWALT’s cordless, pneumatic nailers and staplers provide maximum performance and have been developed through years of experience in the toughest environments. Their cordless design allows you to work freely, ideal for tasks that require mobility around the jobsite. DEWALT nailers offer fantastic user protection, with class leading vibration and sound figures.  

What type of nailer should I buy?

Always consider your application, as there are three main types of nailer. These are First Fix Framing Nailers, which are used for heavier applications such as decking, battens, roof work and joists, Second Fixed Straight Finishing Nailers and Second Fix Angle Finishing Nailers. Both of these take a Brad nail, for jobs where precision is required. An Angle Nailer provides greater access to tighter, more confined spaces.  If you are working on skirting boards, dado rails, picture rails or anything else that requires a lighter touch, a Finishing Nailer is a more suitable choice.

Which DEWALT radio is the best?

All DEWALT radios have been built to withstand the dirt, debris, moisture and rough handling that is sometimes unavoidable on jobsites. Which DEWALT radio is best may well come down to your specific needs. Are you working on a large jobsite with noisy machinery and other activity? If so, the DEWALT radio you choose should have enough volume to be heard. If you are moving around a site a lot, you may need something more portable, something lightweight and compact. With DAB gradually taking over from analogue (AM/FM waves), you may want to invest in a DEWALT radio with digital reception, which will provide greater choice as well as better reception. Here at ToolStoreUK we offer a variety of DEWALT radios, designed with features that make them especially suitable and useful for work environments. Click here to view DEWALT jobsite radios and speakers.

Are DEWALT radios waterproof?

Not all DEWALT radios are waterproof or water resistant. We have heard of reports of tradesmen leaving their DEWALT radios outside overnight in the rain without issue, but we would certainly not recommend it! Always check the manual.


Which DEWALT angle grinder should I buy?

DEWALT’s high performance angle grinders are available in several sizes, with various trigger grips and body grips offered depending on your requirements and application. Which DEWALT angle grinder is “best” will largely come down to these factors: how deep you need your cuts (larger discs make deeper cuts), what material you will be working through (you’ll need a higher wattage to cut through denser materials) and whether you need the freedom of cordless. You may also want to consider speed control (multiple speeds give more control for precise work) and safety features such as slow-start, anti-kickback and paddle switches.

When is the DEWALT cordless router out?

The long awaited DEWALT cordless router is now available to buy here. We were lucky enough to try out the demo and it’s certainly everything we hoped it would be. Read all about it here.

Can DEWALT lasers be calibrated?

DEWALT’s wide range of laser tools are designed to ensure accuracy for everything from levelling to jobsite grading and complex measurements. If your DEWALT laser requires calibration you must contact an authorised service repair agent. Any attempt by anyone other than an authorised service repair agent to service a laser during the warranty period will invalidate the warranty for said laser. Calibration is not included under the DEWALT 3-year limited warranty.

Which DEWALT battery is best?

It’s important to buy the right battery pack for your cordless tool. The battery packs come in 4 different sizes and types: 10.8V packs, 12V, 18V packs and XR FLEXVOLT (18V and 54V). All are Lithium-ion, with no memory effect and virtually no self-discharge. What DEWALT battery is best will depend on your requirements. Often referred to as the slide pack, the 10.8V / 12V pack is a 2 Ah XR Lithium-ion battery pack providing 50% more run time than the standard 1.3 Ah packs. They are compatible with all DEWALT 10.8V XR Li-Ion tools. DEWALT 18V battery packs are the most popular and therefore come in more variations. The main difference will be the Ah rating - the bigger the Ah rating, the longer the battery will last. The 18V packs are all compatible with the full range of DEWALT 18V XR tools. DEWALT’s XR range was released by DEWALT in 2016, suitable for 18V and 54V tools.

Check that your battery is compatible with your tool prior to installing it.

Are DEWALT batteries under warranty?

All DEWALT products purchased from ToolStoreUK come with a standard 1-year warranty. However, batteries and chargers are excluded from the DEWALT extended 3-year guarantee. For more information, see DEWALT’s warranty policy.

Are DEWALT batteries waterproof?

DEWALT batteries are not waterproof or water resistant. Always check the manual for guidelines on how to care for your DEWALT tools and accessories.

Can DEWALT batteries freeze?

If DEWALT batteries are too cold (below 40°F) or too hot for that matter, the batteries may not take a full charge. When batteries are being charged and discharged a chemical reaction is taking place. Naturally extreme temperatures can disturb this reaction causing a loss of run-time. Always consult your tool’s instruction manual for information.

When is a DEWALT battery fully charged?

DEWALT’s 18V battery range have a state of charge indicator which is an LED light. This will stop flashing once the battery is fully charged.

Where are DEWALT batteries made?

DEWALT is a global manufacturer and distributor of power tools, manufacturing in the UK, US, Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy, the Czech Republic and more. Their tools are built with materials and components from all over the world.

Are DEWALT batteries interchangeable?

The XR FLEXVOLT battery is compatible with all DEWALT XR 18V cordless products and with your existing 18V charger. Otherwise, the voltage of the battery must match the voltage of the tool.

Will DEWALT batteries fit other manufacturer's tools?

Hoping to use your DEWALT batteries in your Bosch, Milwaukee, Makita or Hikoki tools? Batteries are often manufactured to purposely prevent them from being interchangeable with small differences to their plastic moulds. Even if they attach physically, charge rate is critical. You would need to know what cells are inside. Using the wrong charger on certain cells could result in the battery catching fire or drastically reducing the life of the battery.