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Leaf Blowers

A leaf blower makes light work of picking up leaves — which makes it very handy during the autumnal months of the year. Removing leaves from gardens, drives and pathways is a slow process. If you have a bad back or mobility issues, it can be a very unpleasant task. But a leaf blower vacuum allows you to blow the leaves straight into a bag. This relatively simple item of garden gadgetry has the potential to save you a lot of time, energy and pain.

Look out for handy features such as variable speeds, cruise control, waterproof casing and an extra-long nozzle. These features and much more are offered with products from respected tool brands such as Makita, DeWalt and Stihl.

Looking for more leaf blowers? View the range from STIHL at ToolStore UK today.

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STIHL BG86 Petrol Blower
The Stihl BG86 Petrol Blower is designed to clear large...
STIHL BG86 Petrol BlowerSTIHL BG86 Petrol Blower
£301.30 inc

(£251.08 ex VAT)
STIHL SH86 Shredder/Vacuum
The SH 86 shredder vacuum / blower has increased vacuum...
STIHL SH86 Shredder/Vacuum
£339.38 inc

(£282.82 ex VAT)
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Currently Out Of Stock

STIHL BR800 Backpack Blower
The BR800 is STIHLs most powerful backpack blower to...
STIHL BR800 Backpack BlowerSTIHL BR800 Backpack Blower
£760.22 inc

(£633.52 ex VAT)
MAKITA UB1103 110v 600w Blower
The UB1103 Electric Blower has a powerful 600 watt...
MAKITA UB1103 110v 600w Blower
£156.18 inc

(£130.15 ex VAT)

STIHL SHE71 Electric Blower / Vacuum
The SHE 71 is a low noise, electric vacuum shredder,...
STIHL SHE71 Electric Blower / Vacuum
£148.75 inc

(£123.96 ex VAT)
STIHL 42410111750 BG56 Petrol Blower
Quickly clears leaves and grass cuttings. 2-MIX Engine....
STIHL 42410111750 BG56 Petrol BlowerSTIHL 42410111750 BG56 Petrol Blower
£254.17 inc

(£211.81 ex VAT)

STIHL BR350 Petrol Backpack Blower
The BR350 is a powerful, economical and low-maintenance...
STIHL BR350 Petrol Backpack Blower
£426.52 inc

(£355.43 ex VAT)

Leaf Blowers

How Do Leaf Blowers Work

The premise behind the electric leaf blower is relatively simple. Powered by a motor, this handheld product is capable of blowing leaves at speed. For added convenience, look for products that also feature a vacuum setting. And depending on the model you choose, you can take advantage of a range of features that make the job even easier.

The most useful features to look out for include cruise control settings, one-touch speed control, extra-long nozzles and waterproof casing. And because these products are manufactured by leading tool brands such as DeWalt, Stihl and Makita, they’re guaranteed to deliver performance and reliability.

Based on the scale of your leaf problem, choose a powerful garden leaf blower that’s up to the job. You’ll find a wide variety of options right here at ToolStore UK, so there’s no need to look anywhere else.

Cordless or corded leaf blowers

Choosing the best leaf blower and vacuum for your needs requires a little thought:

  • How big is your leaf problem?
  • How far from your home will you be using your blower?
  • How often do you plan to use it?

These are all questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether to buy a cordless or corded leaf blower.

A lightweight, cordless leaf blower features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This gives you full mobility and the freedom to wander anywhere without worrying about a power source. And if you have a relatively small property, this may be more than enough for your needs. But if you’re dealing with a lot of leaves, you might need the extra power delivered by a 240v corded leaf blower. Yes, you’ll lose the freedom and manoeuvrability a small leaf blower with cordless power delivers, but you’ll be able to blow more leaves at a much faster rate.

A cheap leaf blower, whether it’s corded or cordless, isn’t necessarily the best option. Think about how you’re going to use it and look for the features that will make leaf collecting easier. Some of the most useful features to look out for include a rubberised soft grip, a vacuum function with the ability to attach a bag and an on/off trigger.

What is the best small leaf blower?

The best small leaf blower is the one that meets your needs for the lowest possible price. That’s why it’s important to think about how, when and where you’re going to be using it. If you have a small property with a limited leaf problem, a relatively compact, cordless option with a handful of great features should suffice. If your property is large with lots of deciduous trees, however, you may need something with a higher voltage rating.

The DeWalt DCM572X1, for example, is a great all-rounder. Powered by a 9ah battery, this easy-to-use leaf blower bears all the hallmarks of a DeWalt product. Clearing leaves and debris is as simple as pressing a trigger. The brushless motor that powers this product also ensures efficiency and maximum performance.

When you’re dealing with large-scale leaf issues, you’ll find the concentrator attachment very handy. This simple accessory increases the force of the air to dislodge stuck debris.

Whether you’re dealing with a small backyard or extensive landscaped grounds, you’ll find the perfect electric leaf blower for your needs right here at ToolStore UK.