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V-TUF RUCKVAC M-Class 36v Cordless Back Pack Vacuum
With freedom to move anywhere at any time, the V-TUF...
V-TUF RUCKVAC M-Class 36v Cordless Back Pack VacuumV-TUF RUCKVAC M-Class 36v Cordless Back Pack Vacuum
£846.59 inc

(£705.49 ex VAT)
V-TUF TORRENT-5 10HP Diesel Pressure Washer
The V-TUF TORRENT 5 - 10HP 3000psi (200BAR) 15L/MIN...
V-TUF TORRENT-5 10HP Diesel Pressure WasherV-TUF TORRENT-5 10HP Diesel Pressure Washer
£2,601.59 inc

(£2,167.99 ex VAT)
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Power Tools

What types of power tools do I need?

Whether you’re a professional tradesman requiring the most formidable power tools on the market or a keen DIYer with a penchant for weekend home improvement projects, you’ll need a reliable set of power tools to tackle tasks efficiently, effortlessly and expertly. We stock a wide range of both corded and cordless tools, for both inside and outdoor use, from the tool brands you know and trust including DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee and Bosch. If you’re just starting out, our cordless kits include a selection of power tools to give you everything you need, from circular saws to combi drills and the batteries you’ll need to charge them.

Combi drills are highly versatile tools, allowing you to switch between drilling, driving screws and boring holes. If you need to cut through a given material, a good quality circular saw with the appropriate blade will help you to cut straight and angled lines quickly and safely on materials like wood, plastic and certain metals. A cordless angle grinder is another versatile tool, that can be used for grinding, deburring, cutting and polishing a wide range of surfaces such as concrete and metal. If you looking for advice on purchasing power tools from the ToolStore UK website, read up on our detailed buyers guides for cordless power drills and angle grinders today.

We are a UK power tool supplier with a range of tools from leading brands including DeWalt and Bosch. So whether you’re looking for hammer drills or heat guns, mitre saws or multi tools, you’ve come to the right place to get the #jobdone.

Corded v cordless power tools

Corded and cordless tools both have their own pros and cons. Choosing will come down to your budget, what jobs you’ll be doing, how often you’ll use them and where you will be working. It’s certainly true that there’s an increasingly high volume of cordless tools entering the market, thanks to the improvement of battery technology over the last decade. This has allowed many cordless tools to offer the kind of power you would expect from its corded equivalent.

Cordless Tools

The luxury of not being tethered to a power source while you work is not to be underrated. Versatile tools, like combi drills, are frequently used around the job site and in the home and make perfect cordless tools. Impact wrenches and drill drivers are also great cordless tools that offer flexibility and portability while you work.

Benefits of Cordless Power Tools:

  • Safer
  • More portable
  • Get into tight or awkward spaces without trailing cables to worry about
  • Work far away from a power source
  • Removes the risk of cutting through a lead
  • Easy to store
  • If using tools from the same range, the same battery can be used across multiple tools

Drawbacks of Cordless Power Tools:

  • Can be slightly more expensive, although prices continue to drop
  • Batteries need charging, although keeping a spare to hand means you can use one while the other charges

Corded Tools

The biggest advantage of corded power tools is the continuous high power and torque they can deliver. When you’re cutting through heavy-duty materials, corded tools like circular saws, jigsaws and reciprocating saws benefit from the consistent power offered by a plug socket.

Benefits of Corded Power Tools:

  • Consistent high-power output
  • No worry about the battery running out
  • Cheaper

Drawbacks of Corded Power Tools:

  • You need access to an immediate power supply
  • You are limited by the length of the power cable
  • Power cables can create a tripping hazard
  • Cables could be accidentally sliced by the tool in use
  • Difficult to store
  • Requires more stringent safety measures to operate correctly

Cordless tools do seem to be preferred in the trade thanks to the advantage of not having a power cable to worry about, but they aren’t for everyone. You’ll need to make your own decision depending on the application, how flexible you want to be and what your budget is.

Who are some of the most popular tool brands?

We are a leading power tools UK supplier and stock a wide range of tools from these trusted brands: