The DEWALT Router Trimmer

The DEWALT Router Trimmer


It’s finally here!

(And it doesn’t disappoint)

The long-awaited, highly anticipated DEWALT DCW604NT 18v brushless router and trimmer is coming to our stores soon! We were lucky enough to try out the demo and it’s certainly everything we hoped it would be. This tool is ideal for a wide variety of tasks. Whether you’re rounding over edges, routing for inlay cavities and hinge mortises, or flush trimming hardwood edging, the precision engineered 18v brushless motor delivers the power required to meet the demands of the toughest jobs.

DeWalt DCW604NT Brushless 18v Router and TrimmerIn trimmer mode with an 8mm collet capacity, the machine has a locking lever at the back and height adjustment collar to fine adjust the depth. The trimmer comes with a flat edge base for working up against flat edges, a round base for using the trimmer free hand, a dust collection shroud, a 16mm template guide and a straight edge for when you’re using the laminate trimmer.

Transferring to router mode is simple – just push two clips, lift from the trimmer base, remove the collet and it’s ready to go into the router base. The sealed switch prevents dust entering the machine and a locking button on the front locks the spindle when you’re changing bits.

Lower the machine onto the router base and, once the levers are closed, the machine is now locked securely and ready to use. It’s that simple. The router base has 5 depth stops and a fine height adjustment dial for absolute precision. Two easy thumb levers at the side allow you to move the machine up and down and, when you’ve set it in your desired position, release your thumbs and the machine stays locked. Accessories included for the router are a dust extraction shroud, 17ml spanner for changing bits and a straight fence.

The DeWalt DCW604NT is going to be launched as a body only kit and can be used with any of the 18v or FlexVolt battery range. When we got our hands on the demo unit we used the 5Ah 18v battery that just clicks into the top, not adding much weight and leaving the unit feeling sturdy and nicely balanced, while LED lights illuminate your workpiece clearly. It delivers a nice soft-start when switched on and shifts smoothly between the 7 variable speeds, ranging from 16,000 to 25,000 rpm.

We’re expecting this DeWalt brushless router and trimmer sometime in April, most likely as a body only unit. Click here, enter your email address and you’ll be first to know when this unit is available to order!

14th February 2019

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