Best Jobsite Radios & Work Speakers - A Buyer's Guide

Best Jobsite Radios & Work Speakers - A Buyer's Guide

If your workplace is anything like ours here at ToolStore UK, music is essential to help time pass and get things done at a good tempo. But if you work outdoors on jobsites, finding a radio or speaker which can cope with debris and the elements can be tricky. This guide to cordless radios and speakers is designed to help you find the best work radio for your needs, whether you’re looking for a site radio with battery and charger, or simply the best jobsite radio in terms of performance.

What should I look for when buying a worksite radio?

The first thing to think about is how your new radio will fit into your existing toolkit. Most radios are sold as ‘Body Only’ machines, meaning a battery isn’t included. If you already have several cordless tools from the same manufacturer, you could choose a radio which is compatible with the batteries those tools use. Size and portability will be a consideration, especially when your speaker or radio is just part of a larger kit.

Next, consider whether you need a DAB radio or whether a traditional FM/AM model meets your needs. Digital Audio Broadcasting, or DAB, operates at higher frequencies and in a different way to analogue radio. This means that a DAB radio can offer a greater choice of stations to listen to, particularly if you work in urban areas. However, because of the way DAB transmissions are decoded, battery life can be shorter if you listen to digital stations. This is partly because DAB+ signals often include additional information, such as song titles or news headlines. The signals are also unaffected by interference from tall buildings or competing transmissions, which FM and AM signals can struggle with.

The Makita MR003GZ 12v - 40v DAB/DAB+ Jobsite Radio is fantastic value for money. Although not supplied with a battery, this machine is compatible with Makita 10.8V and 12V Max CXT, 14.4V and 18V LXT and 40V Max XGT slide type batteries and can also be powered via an AC adaptor. It is equipped with an AUX-IN jack for connecting to an external audio source, digital tuner with LCD backlit display and 10 preset channels (5 DAB and 5 FM). With two speakers providing stereo sound, the MR003GZ is a superb choice when you have a full workday to power with music.

Another thing to look for is additional features. You might want a machine that is Bluetooth compatible, so you can play music from your mobile phone through it. Do you need an integrated USB port, for charging mobile devices? Is a radio that connects to your storage units a more convenient choice?

Finally, and probably most importantly, do some research into sound quality. You can get a sense of this by checking the wattage at which the amplifiers run, but wattage isn’t the only way of measuring the quality of a radio or speaker. Think about how and where you intend to use it, as well; some radios are better suited to outdoor use than others, for example.

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Site Radio

What is the best site radio with Bluetooth?

If you’re looking for a radio which combines the reliability and station choice offered by DAB+ with the freedom to stream via Bluetooth, the Bosch GPB18V-2SC is a strong choice. The amplifier offers 15W of rated power, meaning the radio will offer plenty of volume. The GPB18V-25C also enables you to access a wide range of sources, including DAB+, FM radio, Bluetooth streaming and via an AUX cable. This radio is compact and lightweight, at just 2.3kg (excluding battery). Another useful feature is that the machine runs off Bosch 18v Professional batteries or 240v mains power. If you have two of these radios, you can link them together via your mobile device for unique stereo sound.

What is the best small jobsite radio?

In terms of portability combined with solid sound, the DeWalt DWST1-81079 240v TSTAK Radio is difficult to beat. Because it’s fully TSTAK compatible, transporting this unit around any jobsite is easy. This radio is also packed with features, including the ability to charge 18v and FlexVolt batteries. It is Bluetooth ready and can connect to music players through USB or AUX connections. With 45 Watts of output from four speakers, this radio provides a rich sound, perfect for outdoor sites.

What is the best jobsite speaker?

For ultimate control of what you listen to while you work, a jobsite speaker is a great option. Just connect it to your phone and enjoy your tunes. If this is what you need, the Makita DMR203 Jobsite Speaker with Bluetooth is a fantastic option. Despite its small size, this speaker delivers a big sound thanks to a 101.6 mm subwoofer, 36 mm tweeter, and 89 mm passive radiator. While the DMR203 delivers deep, rich sounds on its own, it can be connected to up to 10 other devices through Makita’s True Wireless Stereo technology for a truly surround sound experience. The built-in USB port enables you to charge your phone whilst streaming music through it. The DMR203 is compatible with Makita 10.8/12v CXT and 14.4/18v LXT batteries, making it a great addition to any Makita toolkit.

A brilliant alternative is the DeWalt DCR009 Rechargeable USB-C Bluetooth Speaker. This brand new product may be small, but it packs massive sound into a compact package. Plus, because it is supplied with a USB-C charger, it’s phenomenally easy to charge up before work. We’ve tested the DCR009 and our team loved the rich bass and impressively loud volume.

What is the best DeWalt speaker?

As you know if you’ve read our DeWalt vs Makita Buyer’s Guide, when Makita offers a cordless product, there’s a strong possibility DeWalt have an equivalent (and vice versa). Going toe-to-toe with the Makita DMR203 is the DeWalt DCR011 10.8v - 18v Bluetooth Speaker. The DCR011 is incredibly portable, but still provides fantastic sound, thanks to the pair of premium speakers. With a 30m range, this speaker’s Bluetooth performance is impressive, and the over moulded side bumper and metal speaker grill provide robust impact resistance for maximum jobsite durability. The unit can be powered by any DeWalt 10.8v, 12v or 18v lithium-ion battery and incorporates a 2.1 ah USB charging port which can be used for mobile phone charging.

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Best DeWalt Speaker

ToolStore UK can help you choose the right option

Whether you’re intrigued by our current offers or know what you’re looking for, the ToolStore UK team is always pleased to hear from customers. If you need help picking a new radio or speaker, our team will always offer sound advice. If you need any help before pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button, you can use our Live Chat facility, call us on 03330 043777, or fill out the contact form to send us a message. We even have a shop within walking distance of the Wigan railway stations if you wanted to talk to one of the team in person.

You can also be certain that buying from ToolStore UK means you’re getting great value for money. We constantly compare our prices to offer the best possible deal to everyone and our people are passionate about what they do.

We’ve been one of the UK’s leading independent tool retailers for almost 60 years; we have the knowledge and experience to help you get what you need at a great price. For ToolStore UK, that’s #JobDone.

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