Hello man cave?

BRITS are getting busy changing rooms – and the days of the guest bedroom are disappearing as we make space for man caves and games rooms.

If you work in building and home improvement or are a hands-on DIY demon, a new study into domestic tastes makes fascinating reading. It offers an insight into changing customer demands and, if you’re considering DIY work, offers some guidance on the benefits to your home’s potential value.

Overall, it looks like guest bedrooms are being airbrushed out of what makes the ideal home. In their place, we’re seeing more demand for dressing rooms, the increasingly popular man cave, and games rooms. 

The research, by interiors specialists Hillarys, quizzed 2,318 adults who either rented or owned their own home and had at least one spare room. The results have indicated that just 40% of Britons are now using their spare bedroom as a guest bedroom – probably because those who do retain them find they actually used just two or three times a year.

How are spare rooms being used?

So what are we now doing with these spaces if they’re no longer bedrooms? Their survey said:

            •           A dressing room – 26%

            •           A ‘man cave’ – 20%

            •           A games or cinema room – 17%

            •           A junk room – 13%

            •           An office – 10%

A further 8% confessed their spare room was empty and that they’d not yet got around to decorating it, or were yet to decide what to do with it. However, when questioned about budgets for changing these rooms, the survey discovered owners were happy to spend on average about £1,850 to ‘repurpose’ the room, through decorating and new fixtures and fittings.

Spokesperson Tara Hall told ToolStoreUK the changing trend meant people were using their spare spaces far more effectively.

“Whilst spare bedrooms are useful, when the results show they’re rarely used it does make more sense to transform the room into something you’re going to use on a regular basis, whether that’s a dressing room or something more quirky.”

Check out the video for some extreme mancaving options!

16th April 2018

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