Plumbers' Essentials

Plumbing supplies

Whether you’re an experienced pro returning after a break or you’ve just qualified as a plumber, you’re going to need a tool bag full of the essentials. The most successful plumbers are always ready for every eventuality. Whether you’re dealing with a major leak or a dripping tap, the ability to act swiftly, decisively and accurately depends on the range of hand and power tools at your disposal.

Starting out as a professional plumber for the first time can be an expensive business. There are some tools you just can’t afford to be without, including hammers, pliers, hand saws, screwdrivers, wrenches and much more. Buying these products for the first time requires a big investment — but we’re here to help you keep your start-up costs low.

You’ll find a wide range of high-quality hand tools for plumbers right here at ToolStore UK. We’ve got products from many of the world’s leading brands, including Stanley, Makita, DeWalt and Bosch. We’re here to help stocking up on trade essentials for the first time an affordable, simple process. Spend over £30 on essential hand tools, and we’ll deliver your entire order for free!

Plumber's Tool Checklist

A plumber is only as good as their tool bag, which is why making sure you’re always equipped for whatever your clients throw at you is so important.

To ensure you’re never caught short for tools on a job, we’ve compiled a list of essentials. Of course, you’ll still need specialised tools for more complex jobs. But, if you always have the following items in your tool bag, you’ll always be able to perform the everyday tasks that make plumbers so important.

Hand Tools

Power Tools


Hand Tools For Plumbers

As a plumber just starting out, having a healthy stock of hand tools is essential. These are the tools you’ll rely on most — particularly when you’re carrying out repairs.

The success of any tradesperson is dependent on the quality of tools they have in their bag. And at ToolStore UK, we’ve got every imaginable product you’re going to need during your career as a plumber. Whether you’re clearing a blocked drain, fixing a leak underneath a kitchen sink or replacing a bathroom tap, you’ll find the quality hand tools that will help you deliver right here.

We have one of the most comprehensive hand tool ranges available in the UK today. Manufactured by leading manufacturers such as Stanley, Makita, DeWalt and Bosch, these quality products can be relied on to deliver reliability, precision and durability. Made to last, these exceptional products should deliver many years of faithful service.



A useful tool for calking and a wide range of other tasks, the versatile hammer is an essential tool for any tradesman. 

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Ideal for holding, bending or twisting, pliers can be handy for reaching into tight spaces and holes where fingers cannot reach.

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Hand Saws

Hand Saws

Invest in a good quality handsaw for cutting through pipes, nuts, bolts and screws.

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Perfect for fitting basins and bathroom furniture, a good set of screwdrivers will help make the job a breeze. 

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Wrenches and spanners

Spanners, sockets and wrenches

Giving you loads of leverage to turn pipes and fittings, our range of wrenches are available individually or in sets.

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Hex Key Sets

Hex Sets

Essential for attaching and removing taps and shower heads that are held on with hex grub screws. Every plumber should have a set of these.

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Plumbing Power Tools

There will be times as a plumber — whether you’re an apprentice or newly qualified — when large-scale plumbing jobs require heavy-duty power tools. Whether you’re installing a new bathroom or working on a new-build property, you’ll need to drill, saw, cut and grind. And when those scenarios arise, it will be good to know that you have powerful and reliable power tools at your disposal.

We’ve put together a huge range of high-performance plumbing power tools, so you can get everything you need for your tool bag right here. From circular saws to SDS hammer drills, these quality tools guarantee performance and durability. That’s because they were designed and manufactured by renowned power tools brands such as DeWalt, Bosch and Makita



Because it can cut arbitrary patterns, a jigsaw is particularly handy when you need to cut a hole for a new pipe or gain access to pipework via floorboards.

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Angle Grinders

Angle Grinder

Whether you're grinding or polishing, we have a wide range of angle grinders to suit your needs, from small, lightweight, versatile grinders to larger, heavy-duty versions.

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SDS+ Hammer Drills

SDS Drill

Perfect when you need that extra power, an SDS drill has three basic functions: normal drilling, hammer action drilling and chiselling.

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Circular Saws

Circular Saw

The circular saw has a wide range of applications and, with different blades available, you'll cut effortlessly through masonary, plastic or even metal.

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Combi Drill

Drive screws and drill holes with our wide range of combi drills. A cordless combi drill is powerful, interchangable, rechargeable and easy to use. 

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Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating Saws

A reciprocating saw has the power to remove old pipework with ease - an essential tool for a full-time plumber.

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Plumbing Accessories

Our wide range of innovative measuring tools prevent costly mistakes and time-consuming errors.
Levels and Measures

Our wide range of innovative measuring tools prevent costly mistakes and time-consuming errors.

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Avoid injury and protect your knees with a pair of hard-wearing and comfortable knee pads.
Kneepads and Gloves

Avoid injury and protect your knees with a pair of hard-wearing and comfortable knee pads.

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Shed some light on a plumbing problem with our range of job site lighting.
Turn it on

Shed some light on a plumbing problem with our range of job site lighting.

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Sing along while you work with our fantastic range of job site radios.
Turn it up!

Sing along while you work with our fantastic range of job site radios.

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Plumbing FAQs

What are the basics of plumbing?

Plumbing jobs generally fall into three categories: repairs, maintenance, and installation. As a new plumber, you may spend most of your time assisting a senior, time-served plumber. Day-to-day jobs include emergency leak repairs, fixing toilet cisterns, repairing kitchen pipework, unblocking drains and dealing with heating problems. Large-scale projects include kitchen and bathroom installations and plumbing new-build properties.

How to use a basin wrench

A basin wrench is one of a plumber’s most important tools. Designed specifically for installing and removing taps, it is a must-have item in any plumber’s tool bag.  To remove a tap, start by applying lubricant to the mounting nut. Adjust the wrench head to fit the nut, tighten it, then start turning anti-clockwise gently. Increase the level of force if the nut won’t budge. If you’re installing a tap, turn the nut clockwise.

How to solder copper pipe without flame

If you can avoid using a flame to weld two pieces of metal together, it’s probably a good idea. And because there are so many flame-free options available, soldering copper without a flame is probably easier than you think. The most common solution is a soldering iron, which relies on heat to soften the metal. Another option is dip soldering, which involves the creation of a dipping bath with a variety of chemicals. Other soldering methods include wave soldering, reflow soldering and drag soldering.

How to install PEX pipe

Pex pipes are typically used for plumbing in appliances such as washing machines. Installing it requires the use of a crimp ring, which should be fitted to the end of the pipe. You can then slide your fitting onto the PEX pipe and fix it firmly in place by tightening the crimp ring with a wrench. Pex pipes can be cut to size relatively easily with pliers.

How to tighten faucet nut under sink

To tighten a faucet nut under a sink, you’ll need a basin wrench. For the simplest, quickest result, spray the nut with a lubricant, which should help to reduce the friction in a particular old fitting. Wrap the wrench head around the nut and tighten it to size. To release the nut and remove the faucet, turn the wrench anti-clockwise.