How To Put Up A Curtain Rail

How To Put Up A Curtain Rail

Putting up a curtain rail is sometimes the first DIY task to undertake when you move into a new home. After all, curtains provide privacy, can reduce the amount of heat escaping the room and can add a splash of colour and style. But if you’re new to this kind of project, it can be hard to know where to start, which is where this guide comes in.

How To Put Up a Curtain Rail Without a Drill

A drill is essential if you’re putting up a new curtain rail from scratch. However, if all you need to do is replace a curtain rail or pole and can use pre-existing holes to fix the new item, you might be able to avoid using a drill. But, if you have something close to our suggestions for a beginner’s toolkit, you’ll already have a combi drill to hand.

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What You’ll Need to Put Up a Curtain Rail

Whether you’re putting up a traditional pole-based curtain Rail or a curtain track – which prevent fixtures and fittings from being seen above your curtains – you’ll need the same tools. These are:

Stay Safe

Make sure the working environment is suitable for working in. You’ll potentially need to move furniture, rugs and decorations. You should also make sure you have suitable eye and face protection for the task – consider wearing Safety Glasses and a Dust Mask.

Measure Up

Use your tape measure to measure at least 50 mm (5 cm) above the window recess; depending on your curtains, you may need additional height to allow for curtain drop.

Next, measure the window recess itself. Ideally, the fitting should extend for around 150 mm (15 cm) either side of the window so the curtains fully block incoming light. Therefore, adding 300 mm (30cm) to the recess measurement should give you the correct width for your rail.

If you have a wide window, or particularly heavy curtains, you may need to add a central bracket above the window to bear the extra weight. Find the halfway point of the window, then use a level to mark a point at the desired height.

Use a level to ensure your markings are straight, then draw a vertical line above your width marking and a horizontal line from the height marking. This should give you a cross on each side of the window where the brackets will sit.

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Installing A Curtain Rail

Fix your brackets and fit your rail

Use your ladder to ensure that before you drill any holes you are working at a safe, comfortable level. The width of the holes require will be determined by the brackets being used and should be specified in the instructions that came with the curtain rail or track. As well as making sure your drill bit matches the wall plugs for the brackets, ensure that it is suitable for the material you’re drilling into.

Think about lining the wall plug up on the top of the drill bit, then marking the end of the plug with masking tape on the drill bit. This will show you how deep you need to drill into your walls.

At this point, drill holes for your brackets at each marked point. Then, add the wall plugs and hang the brackets loosely from the plugs. Place your level above each bracket to ensure it is straight, then use the screwdriver to secure it to the wall.

Now, you can position your rail or track in the brackets, securing it as required.

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