How To Mount a TV To a Wall – The Complete Guide

How To Mount a TV To a Wall – The Complete Guide

If you’re planning to buy a new TV, you might have noticed that screens are getting bigger all the time. A 65-inch screen is no longer considered ‘large’ and 85” sets are widely available. However, as your television gets bigger, it will take up more and more space in your living room. One solution to that potential issue is to mount your new TV on a wall.

When you buy a set, the major electrical retailers will offer to do this for you – at a cost. You’ll have to buy the bracket at the same time as the set and many will charge for the work. For example, as of July 2023, Curry’s charge £135 for the service on top of the cost of your new device. But, as with our guides on how to put up a curtain rail and how to put up a shelf, we want to give you the knowledge you need to take on the job yourself.

Everything starts with the bracket

The first thing you need is a bracket that will fit your new television. You should check that the bracket is VESA Compliant and will also support the weight of the new set. VESA is the Video Electronics Standards Association and manufacturers work with them to make it easier to find the mounting to suit the new television. All VESA-compliant mounts have a measurement in millimetres that tells you whether the holes in the bracket will match up with the holes on the back of your TV.

You should also check that the mount is strong enough to bear the weight of the new set. Another thing to remember is that, once you’ve got the TV up on the wall, you’re not going to want to move it again, so choose a bracket that fits how you’ll use your screen. The kind of mount you’ll need depends on whether you need to be able to tilt the TV or adjust the angle to deal with glare. If not and you just need your television to sit flush to your wall, then you can potentially pay less for your bracket than you would for a full-motion mount.

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Fixing A TV To The Wall

What Tool Do You Need?

You’ll need the following tools to mount your TV to the wall:

  • A cordless combi drill. If you do DIY regularly, there is probably already a combi drill in your tool kit. However, if you do need a drill, the DeWalt DCD796P1 18v XR Brushless Combi Drill with 1x5ah Li-ion Battery is a great value choice.
  • You’ll also require the right drill bit for the work; masonry drill bits are what you need to penetrate brick walls. We have a wide range of drill bits and accessories to choose from.
  • A tape measure to help you decide where the bracket needs to go and check the heights you’re working to.
  • Tape and a pencil or similar marking out tool so you can mark where you intend to drill.
  • At least one screwdriver for fixing the bracket to the wall.
  • A level so you can ensure your new bracket – and therefore, your TV – are at the correct angle.
  • Plus, if you’re drilling into a hollow wall, you’ll need a detector to make sure you don’t drill into the wrong area of the wall; you need to go into the studs that support the wall and avoid pipes and wiring, all of which a good detector can help you with.

Wall Mounting A TV - Step By Step Guide

Putting up the bracket

Even a thin, brand-new television can be quite heavy, so it’s worth making sure you have someone on hand to help you lift and position the set. Ideally, you might have two people to lift and position the set with a third to guide them through the first stage of the process:

Work out where the TV is going to go

If you haven’t got someone who can sit in an armchair to tell those holding the TV to move it “up a bit, left a bit, down a tiny bit, perfect!” then you could get a big piece of paper, cut around the television and place it on the wall to check the positioning. However you line up the screen, once you’re happy with where you intend to place the bracket, mark the edges and corners with your pencil or tape.

Fix the bracket to the wall

Hold the bracket to the wall and mark where the bolt holes are. Before you make the holes ensure the bracket is straight using a spirit level. When you're happy with the bracket's position and that your marks are in the right place you can start drilling. Start by making pilot holes and then use a drill bit that matches the size of the bolts that came with your mount to make the holes.

Fix the bracket to your TV

Wall mounts come in two parts; you've already fitted one part to the wall and now you can fix the other to your TV. Most mounts come with multiple sizes of bolts for different televisions, so don't worry if the first few you try don't fit. Once you have the right ones, use them to attach the mount to the four holes on the back of your TV. Some wall mounts also have fastening screws that help secure the set once both parts of the bracket are connected. Fit those loosely; you'll tighten them properly once the TV is in position.

Plug in your cables

Once your TV is on the walls you might find space is tight, so it’s a good idea to connect your new set to the devices you want to use with it at this stage of the job.

Mount the TV on the wall

There will be some variations as to how the two halves of different brackets come together but, as a rule, the part attached to your TV will have hooks on it which slide behind the piece fixed to the wall. It’s useful to have some help with this bit, because dropping the set now would be a nightmare! Once the two parts of the bracket have successfully come together, simply tighten up any fastening bolts incorporated into it to complete the job.

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