Discover The DeWalt POWERSTACK Range

Discover The DeWalt POWERSTACK Range

Cordless power tools are an investment and batteries are an important consideration, especially if you rely on your tools for work. All the major brands are developing new and improved battery technology but the new DeWalt POWERSTACK range stands out. POWERSTACK batteries provide up to 50% more work per charge, 50% more power and double the lifespan of traditional batteries. Most importantly of all, POWERSTACK batteries are fully compatible with existing DeWalt 18v tools and chargers, meaning a change of battery could seriously boost the performance of kit you already have.

How these new POWERSTACK batteries stack up against the competition.

The key difference between DeWalt POWERSTACK and other 18v batteries is that POWERSTACK uses pouch cells to store energy, where the usual approach is to use cylindrical cells. Batteries powered by cylindrical cells can have a high capacity but don’t make the best use of space; the shape of the cells makes wasted space between them inevitable.

Pouch cells use the space within batteries much more efficiently and they have a lower rate of internal resistance than cylindrical cells. This means they have a higher maximum wattage of output than cylindrical cells, so have a greater range of applications. Because there’s less wasted space within each battery, POWERSTACK is 25% more compact and 15% lighter than a DeWalt cylindrical cell battery with the same capacity.

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Powerstack Drill

How does POWERSTACK deliver more power?

POWERSTACK batteries provide more power by maintaining both higher voltage and higher current under load. Pouch cells have a lower internal resistance, this reduces the amount of power lost before work begins. POWERSTACK batteries have been developed to make more power available to whichever tool they are paired with.

How does POWERSTACK deliver more work per charge?

Because pouch cells create lower resistance than cylindrical cells, they generate less heat during operation. They also have an increased surface area compared with cylindrical cells which helps to dissipate heat more efficiently. Less heat build-up means fewer hot pack shutdowns and less downtime.

How does POWERSTACK offer more life?

When batteries are charged and discharged, their useful capacity decreases and the cell's internal resistance increases. Over time, this results in more heat build-up and less available current to power your tools. The capacity loss in the Li-Ion pouch cells used in POWERSTACK batteries is a small fraction of that of a cylindrical cell.

If I need new tools, do they come with POWERSTACK as standard?

Yes, some do. You can browse our complete collection of POWERSTACK products, which includes cordless tools supplied with these innovative batteries, by clicking here. One example is the DCD805 which is an incredibly powerful brushless 2 speed combi drill. It delivers up to 90 Nm of torque in a compact 177 mm body and engineered to give you outstanding performance on the toughest jobsites and is part of the POWERSTACK range. It is available as the DCD805E2T 18v Brushless Combi Drill with 2 x Powerstack Batteries, the DCD805H2T 18v Brushless G3 Combi Drill with 2x5ah Powerstack Batteries or as the DCD805N Brushless Combi Drill Body Only.

DeWalt haven’t just developed combi drills with POWERSTACK in mind. You’ll find circular saws, impact drivers, impact wrenches, reciprocating saws and SDS Plus hammers all available having been designed for and sold with these new, innovative batteries.

Another highlight of the POWERSTACK range is the DCS438E2T-GB 18V XR Brushless 76 mm Cut Off Saw. Designed from the ground up, this new 76 mm Cut Off Saw is incredibly lightweight and features DeWalt's all-new Brushless motor. The motor can produce a class-leading 550W of cutting power in either forward or reverse at full speeds, making it ideal for diverting sparks when working in confined spaces. We also have a selection of cordless power tool kits combining fantastic, next-generation power tools with these superb batteries.

Our POWERSTACK collection also includes products designed to work with existing tool kits, such as the DCB1102E2 18v Powerstack Starter Pack. This great value set combines two 2Ah POWERSTACK batteries with a small but powerful charger which is compatible with the entire DeWalt 18v battery range.

ToolStore UK is proud to offer a wide range of tools, batteries, chargers and accessories and our DeWalt range features tools sold with cylindrical cells and body only tools, which don’t come supplied with a battery at all.

If you rely on DeWalt cordless power tools, we recommend taking a look at POWERSTACK the next time you’re thinking about buying a new battery. The increased runtime, power and heat dissipation and reduced weight and footprint make POWERSTACK batteries a genuine upgrade on DeWalt’s existing battery range.

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DeWalt Powerstack Range

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4th July 2023

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