How To Store Cordless Power Tool Batteries

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At ToolStore UK, we love to help you get the #JobDone. Our team is passionate about power tools and one of the things we get asked about a lot is how to get the best out of the batteries used in cordless tools.

So, we’ve put together some of our suggestions on how to look after your batteries. These should keep you working for longer between battery changes and keep the batteries in your kit working for longer.

Keep Your Batteries Cool

Power tools don’t like extreme temperatures and neither do the batteries which keep them running. Your tools will work harder in the cold and are at risk of overheating when you’re working in very hot conditions. Heat is a bigger problem than the cold in respect of battery health, so when working outside during the summer, try not to leave your tools and batteries out in the sun when they’re not in use. Leaving them in your car or van isn’t a great idea either. If you can, keeping your tools in carry cases and the batteries separate, in a padded bag or similar, will help to keep everything in peak condition.

Clean Your Batteries

Clean power tools use less power because they work with less friction. Because there isn’t as much friction being generated, the tool isn’t working as hard and so the battery will run for longer between charges. This is especially true for outdoor tools such as chainsaws and brushcutters; keeping these clean and well lubricated will make life much easier.

It is important to keep your batteries clean and dry too as dirt can prevent the batteries making proper connections with your tools and using a wet battery with a power tool is never a good idea. If a battery gets wet or dirty while in use, simply switch off the machine, remove the battery, wipe it down with a cloth then put it under cover to dry. Don’t allow the battery’s contact points to touch any external metal objects, as this can damage them.

When storing your batteries, a damp or humid environment can cause the terminals to corrode, which will shorten battery life.

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Charge Your Battery Carefully

It is always worth checking the manufacturer’s instructions whenever you buy a new tool or battery. For example, DeWalt recommend leaving their batteries on the charging base even after they have charged, because their chargers have a maintenance mode which keeps them ready to use. However, many other battery brands will provide shorter life and less efficiency if the battery is overcharged.

However, your battery needs to be charged after use, you should allow it to charge fully before you use it for the first time, to ensure it starts life in optimum condition.

If you have lots of different batteries from the same brand, it can be worth investing in a multi-port charger, such as the DeWalt DCB104 240v 18v XR 4-Port Fast Charger or the Makita DC18RD 14.4v-18v Dual Port Battery Charger, so you can have spare batteries to hand when you need them.

Check Whether You’ve Got The Right Battery

Our final tip is perhaps the most important; use a battery intended for use for your tool and which has enough capacity for the work you’re doing. As an example, if you’re using a 3 ah battery to drill holes using a drill designed for use and supplied with a 5 ah battery, the tool will still work, but not for as long. You may also reduce the life of the battery. Matching the right battery to the tool will help you work more efficiently and keep your batteries working as they should for longer.

Take Care Of Your Power Batteries With ToolStore UK

Our top tips should help you make the most of your power tools and their batteries, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need a replacement or spare from time to time. You’ll find a huge range of Batteries and Chargers here at ToolStore UK, from popular brands like DeWalt Flexvolt and Makita XGT. We offer FAST AND FREE delivery to most UK postcodes when you spend more than £30 and if you need any help with picking the right products, our friendly and knowledgeable team are happy to talk through your options. Just give us a call on 0333 004 3777 or use our contact form.

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12th July 2022

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