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TREND MS/PRO Multiscribe Pro
The Multiscribe is a profile matching tool used to...
TREND MS/PRO Multiscribe ProTREND MS/PRO Multiscribe Pro
£30.55 inc

(£25.46 ex VAT)
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Hand Tools

Hand Tools - Frequently Asked Questions

What are best hand tool brands sold in the UK?

You’ll need to consider your needs, budget, and project complexity when choosing a brand of hand tools, as each brand comes with their own unique strengths. At ToolStore UK, we offer a wide range of high-quality hand tools from leading hand tool manufacturers.

Stanley tools are a household name and offer a wide range of tools at budget-friendly prices. This makes them ideal for casual DIYers tackling light-duty projects around the house. Their extensive range features everything from saws and screwdrivers to wrenches and measuring tools, making them a one-stop shop for basic needs.

Kreg reign supreme in the realm of jigs and pocket-hole joinery systems. Their innovative and user-friendly products, like the Kreg Jig, revolutionised woodworking projects for amateurs and professionals alike. The precision and ease of use they offer are unmatched in this niche. While their hand tool selection pales in comparison to others, their focus on joinery ensures their tools are specifically designed for woodworking tasks.

For the budget-conscious, Ox Tools offers exceptional value for money. Their hammers, chisels, and pry bars boast impressive build quality for their price point, making them a solid choice for occasional use or as starter tools. Though they might not have the widest range, Ox Tools focuses on essential tools commonly used in DIY tasks.

Spear and Jackson boasts a long history and strong brand recognition, particularly in the gardening and general DIY space. If you're just starting out or need tools for occasional tasks, Spear and Jackson offers a decent selection at beginner-friendly prices.

Which types of hand tools do I need?

Your toolbox is like a trusty sidekick, always there to lend a helping hand (or at least, a well-placed screw). Here are some must-haves for every DIYer. A good hammer is essential for hanging pictures, driving nails, and generally making things happen. Opt for a claw hammer for added versatility. You'll also need a trusty Phillips screwdriver and a flathead to tackle most screw situations. Consider investing in a screwdriver set for more variety. Pliers come in handy for everything from twisting stubborn nuts to pulling out rogue nails. Get a pair of regular pliers and a pair of needle-nose pliers for those hard-to-reach places. Knowing the length and width of things is crucial for any project, big or small, so a good tape measure is essential to measure things correctly. And whether you're hanging shelves or building a birdhouse, a spirit level ensures your creations don't end up looking like a funhouse mirror.

As your DIY confidence grows, you might find yourself drawn to more specialised projects. Depending on your needs, a handsaw can be your go-to wood-cutting companions. Chisels are perfect for carving, shaping, and creating intricate details in wood, while planers smooth out rough edges to achieve a polished finish.