Which Lawn Mower Should I Buy? Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2024

Which Lawn Mower Should I Buy? Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2024

As the days lengthen and the grass grows, it's time to consider a new lawn mower. But with so many options—corded or cordless, petrol or electric, rotary or hover—the decision can be daunting. Our guide simplifies the process, outlining the differences and highlighting key features to help you find the perfect mower for your needs. Whether you're tending to a small yard or vast acreage, we've got you covered.

Types of Lawn Mowers

Cordless Lawn Mowers

With advancements in battery technology, cordless lawn mowers offer comparable power to petrol models without the hassle of cords. They provide the freedom to move around without limitations, although battery runtime may vary. Consider models with higher Ampere-hour (Ah) ratings for longer usage. Despite being lighter than petrol mowers, the battery adds some weight.

Pros of Cordless Lawn Mowers

  • Manoeuvrable: Freedom to roam without cables limiting reach, blocking your path, or getting snagged in the shrubbery. 
  • Switch Activated: Unlike outdated petrol models, cordless lawn mowers are switch-activated and easy to use. 
  • Battery-Sharing: Batteries are often compatible with power tools from the same brand.
  • Spare Battery: Purchase a spare battery and charge it for uninterrupted mowing. 
  • Ease of Starting: Press a button and you're ready to mow. No need to fret over fuel, oil, or motor ignition.
  • Quiet Operation: Electric mowers operate quietly, making them ideal for noise-sensitive neighbourhoods.
  • Environmental Friendliness: By opting for electric over petrol, you reduce carbon emissions and air pollution.

Cons of Cordless Lawn Mowers

  • Limited Runtime: Runtime limited by battery Ampere-hour (Ah)
  • Heavy Batteries: Batteries add considerable weight. 


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Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawnmowers harness mains electricity to swiftly rotate grass-cutting blades, offering effortless lawn maintenance with a simple switch flick. Corded electric models, more powerful than their cordless counterparts, are reliable and efficient. Some even feature rear rollers to flatten long grass, enhancing precision cutting. With built-in safety cutout mechanisms, modern designs prioritise user protection, halting operations in case of faults.

Lightweight, compact, and user-friendly, contemporary electric mowers typically sport an activation bar or button on the handle, allowing users to effortlessly navigate their lawns. Models equipped with grass bins streamline the process, minimising cleanup time and effort.

Pros of Electric Lawn Mowers

  • Minimal Maintenance: Electric mowers spare users the hassle of regular cleaning and servicing, simplifying lawn care routines.
  • Ease of Starting: Plug in your mower, press a button, and you're ready to mow. No need to fret over fuel, oil, or motor ignition.
  • Quiet Operation: Electric mowers operate quietly, making them ideal for noise-sensitive neighbourhoods.
  • Environmental Friendliness: By opting for electric over petrol, you reduce carbon emissions and air pollution.

Cons of Electric Lawn Mowers

  • Limited Mobility: Corded electric mowers necessitate a constant power outlet connection, restricting movement and posing tripping hazards.
  • Power Limitations: While adequate for most home lawns, standard electric mowers may lack the sheer power required for extensive or challenging mowing tasks.


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Push Lawn Mowers

Push lawnmowers operate manually, relying solely on your movement without a motorised component. While they demand physical effort, many homeowners trust them for maintaining their lawns. The simplest option, the reel mower, operates without fuel or electricity; as you push it over the grass, the spinning blades trim the lawn. Commercial landscapers often favour petrol-powered mowers for their speed and efficiency, while electric push mowers require mains electricity to operate. Other options include self-propelled mowers with engines and transmissions, as well as 'walk-behind mowers' that move themselves along the grass. If you have mobility issues, a push lawnmower may not be the best option. However, this type of mower is always the cheapest and most accessible option. It’s relatively small and light, so transporting and storing it is exceptionally easy.

Pros of Push Lawn Mowers

  • Lightweight: Push lawnmowers are lightweight, which makes them highly manoeuvrable. If you’re only cutting your lawn at home, these attributes will make your life a lot easier.
  • Affordable: Push lawnmowers are by far the most affordable option on the market today. There are dozens of options on the market, including many from leading brands such as Black & Decker, DeWalt and Stihl.
  • Easy to Use: Some of the self-propelled mowers on the market require complex setups, regular maintenance and a series of additional safety measures. The average push lawnmower requires little more than a brief demonstration.
  • Safe: Push lawnmowers usually feature a range of safety features, including automatic cutout on electric versions. And because they’re lightweight and agile, the chances of accidents are extremely low.

Cons of Push Lawn Mowers

  • Physical Exertion: Using push lawnmowers requires physical effort, which may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with mobility issues.
  • Limited Scope: Push mowers may not be practical for large areas or commercial applications, where more powerful and efficient options are preferred.

Which Lawn Mower Should I Buy? Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2024

Petrol Lawnmowers vs Electric Lawnmowers

When it comes to lawnmowers, power is paramount for achieving a quality cut. Low-cost mowers from high street retailers may struggle with long or damp grass, resulting in uneven cuts or unsightly 'chewed grass'. That's why choosing a lawn mower with the right amount of power is so important for tackling your lawn. But which is right for you: petrol or electric lawnmowers?

  • Petrol Mowers: Powerful, but require maintenance

Petrol Mowers, such as the Stihl RM443 T Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower, offer a balance of power and value. With features like a 41cm cutting width and six cutting height settings, they excel on steep terrain with their single-speed drive system.

However, it's essential to note that petrol mowers require maintenance, including the appropriate engine oil and periodic servicing.

  • Electric Mowers: Clean & easy, but limited reach

Electric Mowers present a compelling alternative, especially for smaller lawns under 200 square meters. They offer benefits such as hassle-free operation without the need for engine servicing or emissions. Additionally, they are lighter than petrol mowers, reducing fatigue during extended use.

Major tool manufacturers offer a variety of electric mowers, each with unique features. Consider factors like cutting blade width and collection box size, as wider blades and larger capacities can enhance efficiency.

Should I Get a Cordless Lawn Mower?

When choosing between a corded or cordless lawn mower, the size of your garden is a crucial factor to consider. In large gardens, access to a plug socket can be challenging, limiting your mowing range with a corded mower. Opting for a battery-powered lawn mower solves this issue, granting you the freedom to roam without constraints.

While cordless electric mowers typically come with a higher price tag than corded options, the added cost is often justified by the convenience they offer. Battery-powered mowers offer extended mobility, eliminating the risk of accidentally tangling the power cord with the mower blade—a safety advantage worth considering.

Another noteworthy aspect is the compatibility of cordless mowers with batteries from the same manufacturer's power tools. This interchangeability enhances convenience, allowing you to charge once and seamlessly transition between tasks.

Among the top performers in the cordless mower category is the Makita DLM382. Available as a standalone unit or bundled with two 6-ah batteries and a twin-port charger, this mower boasts a 36v motor drive system and a single lever cutting height adjustment feature. Its reduced noise and vibration levels make it an excellent choice for regular or prolonged use, ensuring a hassle-free mowing experience.

Which Is Better: Hover or Rotary Mower?

Whether you prefer a hover or rotary mower is down to personal preferences. The primary difference between a rotary mower and a hover mower lies in their operating mechanisms and grass-cutting techniques.

Hover mowers float just above the grass surface on a cushion of air, making them exceptionally easy to manoeuvre. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues as it reduces friction and physical effort. On the other hand, rotary mowers operate on wheels, with the blades turning as the mower is pushed. While this method may require more physical exertion, rotary mowers are often preferred for their reliability and precision, especially on challenging terrains.

To determine which type of mower is best suited to your needs, consider the following factors:

  1. Physical Capability:

    • If you struggle with physical tasks or have mobility issues, a hover mower is likely the better choice due to its lightweight design and effortless manoeuvrability.
  2. Lawn Shape:

    • For lawns with tight corners and intricate shapes, a hover mower is easier to navigate compared to a rotary mower, which may struggle with tight turns.
  3. Preference for Lawn Stripes:

    • Hover mowers, by virtue of their hovering mechanism, do not flatten the grass and thus cannot create the traditional lawn stripes. If you desire well-defined stripes on your lawn, a rotary mower is the ideal option.
  4. Sloped Terrain:

    • Hover mowers excel on slopes, as they are easier to control and manoeuvre while ascending or descending steep gradients. In contrast, using a rotary mower on sloped terrain can be physically demanding.
  5. Technical Proficiency:

    • Hover mowers are generally straightforward to use, often requiring minimal setup before operation. Conversely, some rotary mowers may have a more complex setup process, making them less suitable for individuals who prefer simplicity.

Which Lawn Mower Brand Is Best? 

Choosing the best lawn mower brand depends on various factors, including personal preference, specific needs, and brand reputation. Here are some popular lawn mower brands known for their quality and reliability:

  1. DEWALT: If you already own DEWALT cordless tools, you might prefer their lawn mowers for compatibility and familiarity. 

  2. MAKITA: Makita offers a diverse range of lawn mowers, including both petrol-powered and cordless electric models. Their mowers are recognised for their performance and durability.

  3. STIHL: Widely regarded as a professional's choice for outdoor power tools, Stihl is renowned for its well-manufactured products. While famous for chainsaws, Stihl also offers an impressive range of lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and pressure washers known for their quality and innovation. 

Ultimately, the best lawn mower brand for you depends on your individual preferences, requirements, and budget. Consider factors such as compatibility with existing tools, desired features, and brand reputation when making your decision.

Choose The Right Lawn Mower From ToolStore UK

To select the right lawn mower, you must consider factors such as the size and shape of your lawn, your physical capabilities, and personal preferences. Our comprehensive buying guide has explored the different types of lawn mowers, highlighting their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

From cordless and electric mowers to push and hover mowers, each type offers unique features suited to different needs and preferences. Whether you prioritise mobility, ease of use, or environmental friendliness, there's a mower out there to suit your requirements.

Explore our lawn mower range or shop outdoor power tool accessories at ToolStore UK. If you need further help, call us on 0333 004 3777 or send us an email

Which Lawn Mower Should I Buy? Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2024

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