Lawn Mowers For Small Gardens

Lawn Mowers For Small Gardens

There’s not much point bothering with a massive mower if you don’t have the lawn to match. But with size often regarded as synonymous with power, finding the best lawn mower for smaller gardens can feel like a real challenge. Fortunately, technology advancements are always looking at ways to pack more power and performance into smaller packages.

Smaller lawn mowers are lighter and more manoeuvrable making them easier to push around. They can be a lot more practical for irregular-shaped gardens and uneven grounds, as smaller mowers are lighter and can reach into corners that bigger lawn mowers can’t. They are also easier to store away — a real advantage when space is at a premium.

Read on to find out what type of push lawn mower is best for a small garden and a handpicked list of three great lawn mowers for small gardens, including conventional corded electric lawnmowers and cordless mowers.

What type of lawn mower is best for a small garden?

If your lawn is near your front or back door, or within easy reach of a power source, a corded electric lawn mower could be perfectly practical. You may have enough cable to reach all corners of the garden and, if not, you could always invest in an outdoor extension cable that is certified for outdoor use. But if you don’t want the hassle of a cord or the risk of a cable getting cut by accident you might want to consider a cordless lawn mower. While they are more expensive, they continue to come down in price and offer greater freedom and mobility. With a smaller garden you won’t need to worry about battery runtime as you’ll probably have the job done before it runs out. And if you’re still worried, you could always invest in a backup battery to keep just in case. Manual push mowers work great in smaller gardens that are nice and flat. There are no cables or batteries to worry about but, if your lawn is rough, bumpy or on a slope, the job does become much harder. You’d certainly need to keep on top of your lawn so that it doesn’t grow too long before cuts.

You should also consider the cutting width of your lawn mower, defined as the width of the strip you would cut when mowing. With a width anywhere over 34cm, lawn mowers with a bigger cutting width are often bigger, heavier and more pricey. That’s good news if you have a smaller garden! Lighter and easier to manoeuvre, smaller lawn mowers have a cutting width between 25cm and 34cm and are generally a bit cheaper.

Some mowers also offer a choice of different cutting heights. Others have grass collectors that can collect the grass cuttings for you to put in your green bin or on the compost heap. So have a think about what features would be useful to you and, if you need any help or advice, call our friendly team on 03330 043777.

Three of the best lawn mowers for small gardens

Keep your small lawn trimmed and tidy with these little wonders, so you can spend your time outside doing the things you really want to do.

STIHL 63200112407 RME339 Electric Lawn Mower

The STIHL RME 339 electric lawn mower is ideal for small lawns up to 500m² in size. It is lightweight, compact and easy to push around and can be adjusted to five different height settings between 25 and 80 mm. The fold-open grass catcher box can collect up to 40 litres of lawn cuttings, keeping them neatly stored for disposal and a grass level indictor to make emptying the grass box nice and simple. If storage space is at a premium you’ll be pleased to know the RME339 electric lawn mower has a foldable handlebar allowing you to store the mower away in a space-saving manner.

DeWalt DCMW564P2 Twin 18v BL Lawn Mower 2x5ah

Part of DeWalt’s powerful XR range, the cordless DCMW564P2 twin 18v brushless lawn mower delivers more power and less noise to get the job done. Requiring minimal maintenance, the DeWalt DCMW564 has a wide cutting width at 48cm and is fitted with a bottom roller to allow you to move freely across your garden. The ergonomic handle ensures easy and comfortable steering and, with a simple power button for easy on-off function, mowing your lawn has never been so easy. The DeWalt DCMW564P2 lawn mower is fitted with a 55 litre mesh fabric grass collection bag and five different height settings.

Makita DLM382CT2 Twin 18v 38cm Lawn Mower 2x5ah

The Makita DLM382CT2 lawn mower is powered by two 18v Li-ion batteries supplying energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system. It is recommended for smaller lawns up to 540m² and features a cutting height adjuster with thirteen different levels between 25 and 75mm that can be selected with a single lever. The integrated grass box collects your lawn cuttings while you mow and a grass level indicator allows you to check whether the box is empty or full. With its low noise and vibration levels and ergonomic rubberised handle bar, you’ll enjoy complete comfort while you mow. The Makita DLM382CT2 38cm lawn mower comes supplied with two 5ah batteries and a twin port charger.

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