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MAKITA VC006GMZ01 Twin 40v Brushless Dust Extractor BODY ONLY

VC006GMZ01 Product Overview

The VC006GM is an M-Class cordless dust extractor powered by two 40Vmax XGT Li-Ion batteries in series (sold separately). It features an automatic self cleaning filter system with twin filters and has a capacity of 40 litres dry and 30 litres wet.

Part No: VC006GMZ01(MAKPVC006GMZ01)

VC006GMZ01 Technical Specifications

  • Dust class M : Dust permeability less than 0.1%
  • Maximum air volume at the end of hose:
    • With BL4050F, 28 mm x3.5 m hose 2.0 m 3 /min
    • With BL4050F, 38 mm x 2.5 m hose 3.7 m 3 /min
  • Maximum air volume at turbine (with BL4050F): 4.9 m 3 /min
  • Vacuum (with BL4050F): 18 kPa
  • Capacity: Dust 40 L / Water 30 L
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 586 mm x 385 mm x 598 mm
  • Net weight: 18.4 - 20.8 kg

MAKITA VC006GMZ01 Twin 40v Brushless Dust Extractor BODY ONLY

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VC006GMZ01 Key Features

  • Dust class M : Dust permeability less than 0.1%
  • Powered by two 40Vmax XGT Li-ion batteries in series
  • Auto-start wireless system (AWS)
  • High air flow similar to that of a corded model. Particularly effective in areas where a large amount of airborne
  • dust is generated
  • Automatic self-cleaning filter system with twin filters
  • Makpac storage case can be attached directly without Makpac adapter
  • Plastic tank with water drain for wet/dry use
  • Variable speed control dial.
  • Hose selection dial
  • Low air flow warning buzzer
  • Equipped with water level sensor
  • Variable suction power control
  • Filter clogging notification
  • Caster locking mechanism
  • Large rear wheels
  • Compatible with paper dust bag

VC006GMZ01 What’s Included

  • This is a Body Only machine, which is not supplied with a battery or charger.
  • Nozzle assembly
  • 28mm x 3.5mm Hose
  • 38mm x 2.5m Hose
  • Filter bag
  • Wireless unit
  • Straight pipe
  • Bent pipe
  • Corner nozzle
  • Front cuff 22
  • Front cuff 24
  • Cap
  • Stopper
  • Number of Batteries Supplied: 0
  • Type: Brushless
  • Voltage: 40v
ExpertOur Expert Says…

The VC006GM from Makita is an 80v Max cordless M-Class vacuum cleaner powered by two 40Vmax XGT Li-Ion batteries in series. With a GYUPPA automatic self-cleaning twin filter, the unique design of this tool removes dust from pre-filters during operation.

This is a Makita Body Only tool which is not supplied with a battery and charger.

Delivery & Returns
Delivery & Returns
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What should I look for when buying a Cordless Dust Extractor?

The first thing to think about when considering the kind of Dust Extraction you need is the kind of dust you’re working with. We published a blog about why for professional work, you need a M-Class rated Dust Extractor which you should bear in mind when choosing a tool. The range at ToolStore UK also includes L-Class rated tools, to eliminate ‘low risk’ dust and H-Class rated tools, for dealing with high-risk particulate such as asbestos.
Another key consideration is whether the Dust Extractor will be compatible with the tools you intend to use it with. However, we do have a range of standalone tools and vacuum cleaners in our range too.
With Cordless Dust Extraction, it’s also worth thinking about the voltage of the tool. Paring a 12v Dust Extractor with an 18v tool is unlikely to be the most efficient way of removing particulate.

Which is better: brushless or brushed motors?

Brushed motors use carbon brushes to transfer power from the fixed part of the motor to the rotor. This creates a reliable and relatively inexpensive motor, but brushed motors do require regular maintenance, in order to either clean the brushes or replace them as they wear out. A brushless motor, by contrast, uses a magnet mounted on the rotor to generate the power and electrical switching to perform the function carried out by the brushes. The additional complexity of the motor’s working means that brushless motors are usually more expensive than brushed.
However, eliminating the brushes also eliminates internal friction and maintenance, meaning that brushless motors offer both increased power and a longer working life. Brushless motors also generate less heat and noise and so, on balance, are considered superior to brushed motors.

Which voltage should I choose?

That depends on what kind of work you need it to do, how often you need to do it and the power of your other tools. The Cordless Dust Extractors in our range start at 18v but run right up to 54v. Select the voltage that matches your needs.

All of our products come with a standard 1 year manufacturers warranty, however if you would like to discuss extending this warranty, please contact our customer service team on 03330 043777, or email For further warranty information from this specific manufacturer, visit our warranty page.

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