Introducing Wera

Introducing Wera

Here at ToolStore UK, we’re always looking for products which make us stand apart from the crowd, which is why we’re delighted to establish a new partnership with the Tool Rebels from Wera. This German brand aims to create tools which make life “simpler, safer and full of joy” for users. This is achieved by enhancing tried and tested hand tools through innovative design and outstanding workmanship.

German Engineering and great value

We’ve added more than 50 Wera products to our range in various categories. The Wera range isn’t aimed at DIY beginners; these are hard working tools which have been built to last and with user comfort in mind. If you’re not going to be using these hand tools day in, day out and are on a tight budget, there are alternatives available from brands such as  Milwaukee and Stanley Tools.

If you work with hand tools on a daily basis, the Wera range is a high quality, great value option.

Socket Sets

One of Wera’s most notable innovations is the Zyklop Speed Ratchet; this has a flywheel design which ensures high working speeds. The freely pivoting ratchet head with 5 predefined locking positions ensures safe, rapid work even in confined spaces. Team one of these with Wera’s range of sockets and you have an outstanding package.

For example, the 8100SA All-In 42 piece Zyklop Speed Ratchet Set is a fantastic kit which combines the Speed Ratchet with a collection of sockets to suit virtually all types of screw. In addition, this set is supplied with extensions for those hard-to-reach jobs and the whole set is contained within an extremely robust textile box.

The 8009 Zyklop Ratchet Pocket Set 1 - 13 piece is even more compact. This is a space-saving tool which has the sockets stored within an integrated magazine for maximum portability and flexibility. The ratchet head itself doubles up as both a 3/8" square drive ratchet for sockets, and integral 1/4" hexagon drive for screwdriver bits.


Thanks to their distinctive Kraftform handle, which is ergonomically designed to provide high torque transfer for faster screwdriving whilst providing particularly comfortable working, Wera screwdrivers are possibly the company’s best known product group.

If you’re working with electrical circuits, the Kraftform 100iS/7 7 Piece VDE Screwdriver Set is ideal. Tested for safe working at up to 1,000 volts and incorporating special features to prevent your screwdrivers from rolling away, this set is built to be reliable and durable.

Wera have even thought about those situations when a traditional screwdriver just isn’t up to the job. Imagine that you’re working in a really tight space or an environment where bulky tool boxes can’t go. The Tool Rebels have you covered, thanks to the Kraftform Kompakt Stubby Magazine RA1 - 6 piece. This useful screwdriver features six driving bits which are colour coded for easy identification and stored in a magazine which forms part of the body of the tool. This is a clever and compact solution which could eliminate the need for a larger set of screwdrivers.

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wera tool set

Torque Wrenches

Another key part of the Wera range is torque wrenches. A torque wrench is a tool used to tighten nuts and bolts to a predetermined torque value. This allows fasteners to be tightened to the proper tension, helping you avoid damage from over tightening or joints coming apart from under tightening. Our selection of Wera torque wrenches includes both single tools and sets, such as the Safe-Torque A1 Set1 Torque Wrench Set 1/4", which includes a set of colour-coded sockets and the torque lock function: The torque function can be deactivated and the tool can then be used as a standard ratchet. As a standard ratchet, this item provides fast loosening and can be used for tasks which involve rotation at specific angles.

Accessories for a range of applications

In addition to Wera’s hand tools, ToolStore UK also offers a carefully selected range of accessories from the company. On our website, you’ll find screwdriving sets, screwdriving insert bits, screwdriving accessories and workshop tools.

When you choose Wera products, you’re selecting tools and accessories developed over almost 90 years of continuous improvement. Like all the products we offer, Wera products are top quality, reliable items which will give you years of service.

Talk to ToolStore UK, no matter what you need

From hand tools to power tools, ToolStore UK has a huge range. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to DIY or a trade professional, we have options for virtually any project. We also have an extensive range of equipment & workwear, plus accessories to supplement any tool kit. Wera is just one of more than 100 brands we carry.

We’re here to help, so if you’re not sure what the right solution is for you, just ask! You can talk to our friendly and knowledgeable team by calling 03330 043777, use our contact form to get in touch, or visit our shop, which is close to Wigan town centre.

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