The International Day Of Light 2023

The International Day Of Light 2023

The International Day of Light is celebrated on 16th May each year, marking the anniversary of the first successful operation of a laser by Theodore Maiman, an American physicist and engineer.

The technology invented by Professor Maiman has been deployed in a huge number of ways since.

Laser Levels

Laser levels provide consistent accuracy and convenience, ensuring your work is always straight and level. Sometimes referred to as laser line levels, laser levels do the same job as a spirit level — but a little more sophisticatedly. Laser levels beam a line of laser light onto surfaces that you can use to ensure your work is perfectly straight. They have a wide range of uses, whether you’re a professional tradesman starting a complex construction project or an amateur DIYer looking to hang a curtain rail, wall cabinet, shelf, or picture frame.

At ToolStoreUK, we have laser levels from several leading brands. Most laser levels emit a horizontal line but look out for laser levels that generate both a vertical and horizontal beam, either individually or simultaneously. Some basic models emit a red laser light, which are less powerful but use much less power. Models with green lasers are usually more expensive but the light is more visible particularly outside in sunlight.

Laser Rangefinders

In addition to laser levels, ToolStore UK also provides a selection of laser rangefinders. The DeWalt DW03101 100 metre Laser Distance Measure calculates area and volume with automatic calculations that make job estimates quick and easy. It features Bluetooth connectivity that enables to transfer and save all the measurements on your smartphone, tablet and computer via the free Tool Connect app.

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International Day Of Light

Cordless Lights and Torches

The International Day of Light is also a great time to make sure your jobsites or workspaces are properly illuminated. Our range of cordless lights and torches offers solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. One great example is the Makita DML809 18v LXT LED Site Light which is a super-luminous worklight compatible with both 14.4v and 18v Makita LXT Li-ion batteries and 240v mains power. If you’re after something a little more portable, the body only DeWalt DCL050 18v XR LED Area Light weights just over 1kg with a battery fitted, but can still provide up to 500 Lumens of light in a convenient, handheld tool.

Grab a Great Deal this International Day of Light

To celebrate the International Day of Light, we have a special clearance page featuring products from across our lighting ranges. From work lights to head torches and everything in-between, ToolStore UK can help your site shine.

We’re here to help, so if you’re not sure what the right solution is for you, just ask! You can talk to our friendly and knowledgeable team by calling 03330 043777, use our Contact Form to get in touch, or visit our shop, which is close to Wigan Town Centre.

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10th May 2023

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