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Commonwealth Games Power Tools

The Commonwealth Games get underway this week, featuring an eclectic mixture of sports ranging from endurance tests such as Cycling Road Races through to events like the 100m Sprint which requires explosive power. There are also sports requiring precision and care, such as Lawn Bowls.

Over the next fortnight, we’ll be bringing you a raft of medal-winning deals but we thought we’d kick the fun off by thinking about which elements of our range came closest to matching individual events from the Games.

Explosive Power: Cordless SDS+ Hammer Drills and the 100m Sprint

Sometimes, you need to get through a tough challenge, as quickly as possible. For example, if you are drilling through masonry or concrete, a Cordless SDS+ Hammer Drill can get power through most materials in seconds. We have SDS+ hammers supplied with batteries and body only SDS+ hammers available.

Team Sports: Cordless Kits

The Commonwealth Games includes several team sports, including T20 Cricket, Hockey, Netball and Rugby Sevens. The thing about teams is that they bring together people with different attributes who combine to get the #JobDone, just like the range of cordless kits available from ToolStore UK. From twin packs right through to 6-piece powerhouses, our Kits combine great value with high performance.

Precision and Strategy: Lasers and Measuring

Lawn Bowls is a slightly unusual member of the Commonwealth Games family, in that it is a sport played at a more sedate pace than some of the others and rather than power or speed, a successful bowler can precisely place their shots to within millimetres of the jack.

When you need total precision, the ToolStore UK range of lasers and measuring equipment can help. Whether you’re looking for a laser level, a Laser Rangerfinder or a Detector, we have the equipment you require.

Endurance Events: Next Generation Cordless Tools

Some of the most popular events in any multi-sport festival like the Commonwealth Games are those which challenge an athlete’s endurance, such as marathon running. If you’re working in a trade and on site all day, you’ll need tools which can handle your workload.

That’s where the next generation of cordless tools, which run at up to 54v, come in. Both the Makita LXT 40v Max range and the DeWalt 54v FlexVolt range take the amount of power available to the next level. Better still, the DeWalt DCB547 XR Flexvolt 18/54v 9ah Battery will provide up to 9 hours of work between charges, making it perfect for long days on site.

Chilling out in the stands (or on site)? We’ve got you covered

Events like the Commonwealth Games bring people together, whether at the venues, at fan parks or in front of the telly. Whether you’re heading to Birmingham to enjoy the live sport, having a picnic with the family, or you just want to keep your lunch in great condition during your work day, ToolStore UK has what you need. With coolers, lunch bags and other storage available with FAST and FREE delivery to most UK postcodes, we’ll make sure you have the right solution for looking after your refreshments.

Sports fans with the secrets of great service

Our ToolStore UK team will be glued to the Games… when we’re not at work! The rest of the time, we’re here to help you get the right tools, at the right price. If you need any help choosing something to meet your needs, you can give us a call on 03330 043777 or use our contact form to send us a message. You’ll always win when you shop at ToolStore UK.

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27th July 2022

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