Which SDS Plus Hammer Drill?

Which SDS Plus Hammer Drill?

Here at ToolStore UK, we’ve got a drill for every purpose. However, there are some jobs which require more power than others, which is where our range of SDS Plus Hammer Drills comes in.

What is an SDS Plus Hammer Drill?

SDS Plus Hammer Drills are a much more powerful version of the Percussion Drill (Hammer Drill). It utilises a ram and piston mechanism that physically strikes the back of the drill bit delivering a greater level of impact to the material; this force is measured in joules.

SDS stands for ‘Slotted Drive System’ or ‘Slotted Drive Shaft’. The drill bit or chisel slots into the machine, eliminating the need for a chuck key. 

What can I use an SDS Plus Hammer Drill for?

Most SDS machines will have three functions: rotary only, rotary hammer and hammer only. This allows the machine to handle many different material types and also allows the machine to do light chiselling applications.

Because they are much more powerful than standard Percussion Drills, SDS Plus drills are ideally suited for drilling through heavy masonry or thick walls. The drill bits and chisels used with these machines fit between two ball bearings, meaning they can travel backwards and forwards within the chuck. This allows SDS Plus drills to work in a precise and powerful way and much more efficiently than a standard Hammer Drill, which moves the whole chuck backwards and forwards.

Having rotary, rotary hammer and hammer only modes makes SDS Plus Hammer Drills versatile tools and their ability to get through hard materials means they are ideal for heavy-duty work.

Which tool brands offer SDS Plus Drills?

Most of the major tool brands have SDS Plus Drills in their ranges, including Bosch, DeWalt, Hikoki, Makita and Milwaukee. Simply click here to browse our range of SDS Plus Cordless Hammer Drills.

Many of these products are also available as ‘Body Only’ Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drills. This means that they aren’t supplied with batteries, which can be a good option if you already have suitable batteries and chargers.     

What about accessories?

A key point to note about these machines is that only drill bits and chisels with an SDS plus shank can be used with this type of machine unless a chuck and adaptor are fitted.

ToolStore UK offers a comprehensive range of SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bits. We also have a selection of Drilling Accessories so you can extend the capabilities of your kit.

ToolStore UK has the right tool, at the right price

Here at ToolStore UK, we have thousands of products which are competitively priced and delivered to your door. For orders over £50, we offer fast and free delivery and our Customer Services team are available from Monday to Friday to help with any questions you might have. You can click here to browse our range of SDS Plus Cordless Hammer Drills, or click here to contact us. We’ll help find you find the right tool, at the right price. For us, that’s #jobdone.

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9th February 2021

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