Makita Powerbank Offer

Makita Powerbank Offer

Don’t go AWOL this summer!

It’s happened to all of us. You’re stuck on site all day and disaster strikes: you run out of power.

True, the technology we now have for cordless tools such as you’ll find in our premium brands are capable of taking anything you ask of them… but while you might tend to worry about ensuring your tools keep going, what about your laptop and phone?

Missing calls and being unable to answer crucial emails can spell the difference between a healthy job schedule and a month kicking your heels. So don’t pull the plug on your own communications for the sake of this handy little gadget…

Makita’s nifty little 98P166 is a powerbank complete with its own storage pouch. It takes up virtually no space at all in a rucksack, toolbox or glovebox on the truck, but once charged it will maintain 90 per cent on standby for a month – and be ready to zap into action when you’re in danger of going AWOL on your mobile or laptop. You simply plug it in via the USB and the stored energy – in this case, delivering a capacity that would be able to charge the average smartphone for around four hours of use.

Compatible with most mobile phones and digital equipment, the powerbank’s LED lights illuminate when it is charging your device, while the design also incorporates an auto shut-off which stops delivering when your device is fully charged (a good feature for protecting your device’s long-term battery health).

As well as the storage pouch, it also comes complete with a micro USB, so it’s good to go!

Better still, the Makita Powerbank now comes FREE when you buy any Makita machine over £50 (limited time offer).

30th July 2018

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