Kreg DIY Garden Chair

Building a Kreg Garden Chair

Build Your Own Garden Chairs With ToolStore UK

Looking to spruce up your garden this summer? ToolStore UK has everything you need for DIY garden furniture. Shop must-have tools from Kreg and see step-by-step instructions to build these modern garden chairs.

What Tools Do You Need To Build A Garden Chair?

Pocket Hole Jig

DeWalt Cordless Combi Drills
DeWalt Impact Driver
Metabo Mitre Saw

Makita Sanders
Stanley Squares
Table Saws For Sale


  • 4 2x4” Tanalised Timber Boards, 366 cm length
  • 1 1/2x 1 3/4" Tanalised Timber Boards, 115.6 cm length
  • 2 Boxes Kreg HD Screws (125 Ct)
  • 1 Box 63 mm Outdoor Wood Screws

Cut List & Parts

  • 4 Seat Back Supports, 2x4”cut to 61 cm
  • 4 Seat Supports, 2x4” cut to 61 cm
  • 2 Arm Boards, 2x4”cut to 65.4 cm
  • 4 Arm Boards, 2x4”cut to 61.6 cm
  • 2 Arm Boards, 2x4”cut to 57.8 cm
  • 2 Seat Board Supports, 1/2x1 3/4" cut to 57.8 cm
  • 2 Side Supports, 2x4”cut to 57.8 cm

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How To Build A Garden Chair

Here's our step-by-step guide on how to build a garden chair from scratch:

Step 1: Cut the boards for the arms - Drill Kreg HD Pocket Holes and assemble the pieces as shown using Kreg HD Screws.

Step 2: Attach back supports - Attach the back supports to the two arms as shown in the diagram below using Kreg HD Pocket Holes and Kreg HD Pocket Hole Screws.

Step 3: Attach the seat facing - Attach the seat facing to the arms as shown using Kreg HD Pocket Holes and Kreg HD Screws.

Step 4: Cut & attach side rails - In order to get the two side rail supports (1 1/12" x 1 3/4" x 22 3/4") use a table saw to rip a 2/4 cut to 22 3/4" in half. Attach as shown in the diagram below using 2 1/2" outdoor wood screws.

Step 5: Attach seat supports - Attach the seat supports to the side rails using 2 1/2" wood screws (as shown below).

Building a garden chair
how to build a garden chair

garden chair
using kreg screws to build garden chair

Garden Chair Seat Supports

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