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DEWALT DCMWSP156N 2x18v Brushless Next Gen Self Propelled Mower BODY ONLY

DCMWSP156N-XJ Product Overview

The DEWALT DCMWSP156N 2x18V Self Propelled Mower offers a powerful and eco-friendlysolution for your lawn care needs. Featuring a quiet, brushless motor andefficient design, this mower operates without gas or emissions, making it idealfor noise-sensitive areas and environmentally conscious consumers. This mower boasts a 53cm cutting deck powered by dual 18V XR batteries (sold separately) for extended runtime, allowing you to tackle large lawns with ease. It alsocomes equipped with a mulching function and a 67L collection bag for a clean and healthy lawn. For user comfort and convenience, the mower features an ergonomic design with simple height adjustment and a one-touch folding handle for easy storage. Additionally, the innovative user interface displays the battery charge and load meter, helping you optimize performance and extendruntime.


DCMWSP156N-XJ Technical Specifications

  • Voltage:36v (2x18v)
  • Cutting System: Dual blades
  • Cutting height: 25mm to 102mm
  • Deck Material: Steel
  • Cuttng Width: 53cm
  • Grass Collection Capacity: 67L
  • Motor: Brushless motor with autosensing technology
  • Suitable area: Lawns up to 1340m²
  • Functions (3-in-1): Mulch, bagging, and side discharge
  • Handle: One-touch telescoping and folding system for easy storage

DEWALT DCMWSP156N 2x18v Brushless Next Gen Self Propelled Mower BODY ONLY

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DCMWSP156N-XJ Key Features

  • High-efficiency cutting system with dual blades, designed for extended runtime and cutting performance.
  • 53cm steel deck mower with autosensing brushless motor, engineered for cutting performance and durability.
  • Up to 64 minutes of runtime*. Ideal for lawns measuring up to 1340m2.
  • 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Mower with Mulch, Bagging and Side Discharge options for a variety of cutting preferences.
  • Convenient LED Dashboard communicates battery state of charge, cutting system difficulty, and blade end of life.
  • One touch handle system quickly telescopes and folds handles for ease of storage.
  • Select your ideal walking pace with variable speed, rear wheel drive.
  • Single point height adjust system with 6 cutting settings, from 25mm-102mm
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE: Tool covered by extended warranty, subject to registration.

DCMWSP156N-XJ What’s Included

  • 1x 36V (2x18V) Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
  • 1x Set of 2 Mower Blades
  • This is a Body Only machine and is not supplied with abattery or charger
  • Number of Batteries Supplied: 0
  • Voltage: 36v
  • Type: Brushless
Delivery & Returns
Delivery & Returns
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What should I look for when buying a Leaf Blower?

The first thing to think about is what you are going to use the tool for. If you only have a small garden, or aren’t worried about what happens to the leaves afterwards, then you will only need a Blower. However, if you’re dealing with large amounts of leaf fall or debris, or you plan to compost what you gather, a Combination Blower and Garden Vacuum is potentially a better choice; gathering the leaves and debris into the bag provided eliminates mess and the need to remove items by hand. ToolStore UK offers a range of Leaf Blowers and Garden Vacuums so no matter how big the job is, we have the tool for you.

The next consideration is how much power you need. If you’re clearing a large area of leaf fall, or need to get the job done very quickly, you will need a machine with higher blow speeds and air volumes.

This might also influence whether you choose a petrol-powered tool, a battery-operated machine or a tool with a power cord for plugging into the mains. However, bear in mind that petrol-powered Leaf Blowers and Garden Vacuums are heavier than electric versions, which is why many are offered as backpacks rather than as handheld tools. Backpack Blowers are great options for long periods of use; you carry the blowing tube in your hand whilst carrying the motor in a harness. This offers both improved comfort and a potential increase in output power.

Do I need a Petrol, Cordless or Corded Blower?

In a lot of respects, this question depends on how you’re going to use the tool. For prolonged use, or for jobs over large areas, a Petrol Blower offers extra power and extended runtime, so is potentially the most sensible choice. However, battery technology is constantly evolving, meaning that cordless machines are increasingly popular amongst both home users and professionals. If you’re adding your Blower to an existing collection of cordless tools, a ‘Body Only’ unit might prove a ‘value for money’ option, if it can be combined with batteries you already have.

Corded Blowers are ideal for small gardens and jobsites, but are less common these days, thanks to the efficiencies offered by petrol and cordless tools.

Which is better: brushless or brushed tools?

Brushed motors use carbon brushes to transfer power from the fixed part of the motor to the rotor. This creates a reliable and relatively inexpensive motor, but brushed motors d require regular maintenance, in order to either clean the brushes or replace them as they wear out. A brushless motor, by contrast, uses a magnet mounted on the rotor to generate the power and electrical switching to perform the function carried out by the brushes. The additional complexity of the motor’s working means that brushless motors are usually more expensive than brushed.

However, eliminating the brushes also eliminates internal friction and maintenance, meaning that brushless motors offer both increased power and a longer working life. Brushless motors also generate less heat and noise and so, on balance, are considered superior to brushed motors.

By J M EDWARDS on 31st May 2024
"I Have a large selection of dewalt tools and pleased with them all. I was expecting mower to be good but was expecting to be slightly disappointed as i having been using £600 petrol mower. How wrong am i It is a brilliant bit of kit as good as the petrol mower. I 100% recommend this mower and 2 5amp batteries last longer than i expected"
Star Rating 5
By John Deane on 15th March 2024
"Much lighter and cleaner to use than my old petrol-driven mower. Good battery life and superfast charging. Very pleased I bought it and went full, battery-based electric."
Star Rating 5
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