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BOSCH 2608661868 Carbide-RIFF plunge-cutting saw blade AIZ 32 RT5 32 x 30 mm

BOSCH BOSCH 2608661868 Carbide-RIFF plunge-cutting saw blade AIZ 32 RT5 32 x 30 mm

2608661868 Product Overview

The Bosch Starlock AIZ 32 RT5 blade allows plunge cuts in abrasive materials. It has Curved-Tec technology, which allows for smooth plunge cuts without kickbacks or knocking on the cuts edges.

Part No: 2608661868(BOSAC2608661868)

2608661868 Technical Specifications

  • Material: Carbide RIFF
  • Working width: 32 mm
  • Working depth: 30 mm 
  • Applications:
    • Concrete
    • Synthetic material
    • Fibre cement panels
    • Mortar
    • Tile adhesive
    • Cellular concrete
    • Epoxy
    • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)

BOSCH 2608661868 Carbide-RIFF plunge-cutting saw blade AIZ 32 RT5 32 x 30 mm


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2608661868 Key Features

  • Plunge cuts in strongly abrasive materials (e.g. fibreglass)
  • Rasping/filing functionality (e.g. deburring plunge cuts in fibreglass)
  • Also excellent for removing mortar right into the most remote corners
  • Appropriate for all Starlock (Bosch: GOP 12V-28 Professional; PMF 220 CE; PMF 250 CES), StarlockPlus (Bosch: GOP 30-28; GOP 40-30; GOP 18V-28 Professional; PMF 350 CES - Fein: AFMT 12 SL; AFMT 12 QSL; AFMM 18 QSL; FMT 250 SL; FMT 250 QSL; FMM 350 QSL) and StarlockMax (Bosch: GOP 55-36 Professional - Fein: AFSC 18 QSL; AFSC 18 QCSL; FSC 500 QSL) machines
  • Bosch OIS GOP and PMF machines; Fein Multimaster and Multitalent; AEG; Einhell; Hitachi; Makita; Metabo; Milwaukee; Ryobi; Skil etc...

2608661868 What’s Included

  • Material: Special Applications
  • Type: Carbide
  • Size: 32mm
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Delivery & Returns
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What should I look for when buying Multi Tool Blades?

Oscillating Multi Tools are among the most versatile tools available and can be used for cutting, grinding, sanding and a raft of other tasks. That versatility means that there’s a huge range of Multi Tool Blades available, which makes picking the correct product slightly tricky.

Match the Multi Tool Blade to the job

When it comes to Multi Tool Blades, one size doesn’t fit all. There are blades built for working with specific materials and for particular cutting tasks. Segmented Cutting Blades are used for long linear cuts which require a smooth finish. Plunge Cut Blades are designed for plunge cutting while Scraping Blades can be used for removing old wallpaper of caulk.

Think about the material used for the Blade

Multi Tool Blades can be made with High Carbon Steel, High Speed Steel, Carbide, Bi-Metal or even be Titanium Coated. Each of these bring different properties to the work of your Multi Tool and are suited to particular tasks; bear this in mind when making your selection.

Do you need Starlock Blades?

Starlock is a new standardised fitting for Multi Tool Blades. If your Multi Tool is Starlock compatible, you can use Starlock Blades which simply click on to the tool, without needing a hex key. This makes changing blades faster and the Multi Tool more efficient due to improved power transfer.

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