New Regatta Workwear Range From ToolStore UK

New Regatta Workwear Range From ToolStore UK

With the seasons changing, you might be thinking about how best to stay warm and dry while working outside. However, whether you need new work trousers or a complete set of workwear, you want work clothes that are as stylish and comfortable as they are practical.

That’s why ToolStore UK has partnered with Regatta UK to revamp our range of workwear and safety clothing. Like ToolStore UK, Regatta is a family-owned business with decades of experience; in their case, in providing quality waterproof clothing. The Manchester-based firm launched the Regatta brand in 1981 for people who wanted to get outside and enjoy the fresh air without worrying about how much suitable clothing would cost.

In the 40 years since, Regatta has become one of the UK’s most trusted clothing brands because their range combines quality with affordability. Best of all, our Regatta range will protect you from top to toe. From hats, such as the TRC346 Tactical Bobble Hat, which is available in both Black and Ash and Ash and Seal Grey, through to the TRP141 Pro Work Socks 5 pack, ToolStore UK literally has you covered – the TRJ512L Coverall is available in stud fastened and zip-fastened versions.

Regatta Workwear Collection For Sale

Regatta Professional Clothing

The ToolStore UK Regatta clothing range includes Jackets, Gilets and Body Warmers, T-Shirts, and Hoodies and Sweatshirts. Every item available from ToolStore UK has been carefully selected, so if you need work shirts and Trousers that will help you to look your best and work efficiently, you’re in the right place.

The TRS167 Offensive Wicking Polo Shirt is designed to draw moisture away from the body and is manufactured using anti-bacterial technology, meaning you’ll look and feel fresh all day. This stylish shirt is available in black and Seal Grey.

For a stylish and professional look, you could pair the Polo Shirt with the TRJ367R Execute Holster Trousers Iron. When you need durability and flexibility, these trousers, which are also available in Black, have enough pockets to carry all your tools, plus a hidden zip compartment. Made with a polycotton blend fabric and Cordura reinforcements, Execute Holster Trousers are an excellent choice.

A Regatta Jacket can keep you warm and dry on the daily commute, or while you’re out and about. The lightweight but windproof TRW408 Stormbreak Jacket Black is a great option if you need something to throw on when the weather changes suddenly. If you need something to keep winter at bay, the TRA208 Marauder III Jacket Grey/Black is waterproof, insulated for warmth and features RFID-lined pockets to prevent digital theft.

The Regatta range at ToolStore UK also includes a range of accessories, including belts, gloves and knee pads. The TRP137 Pro Winter Accessory Pack, which includes a hat, gloves and multitube would make a great gift for anyone with an autumn or winter birthday, because like every ToolStore UK product, it is offered at a great price.

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Regatta Hi Vis Jackets & T-Shirts

If you need to be seen while you’re working, Regatta’s range of Hi Vis Jackets is ideal. Available in both Yellow and Orange in a range of styles, including Bomber Jackets, Hoodies, and vests, these top-quality items will keep you protected in low light.

For added visibility, your jacket can be combined with the TRS194 Pro Hi Vis T-Shirt. This anti-moisture Polyester shirt is available in Yellow and Navy or Orange and Navy and includes angled chevrons to show others the direction you’re facing. These shirts are supplied without external branding, so can be customised and used as work uniform. If you’re after something a little smarter, consider the TRS176 Tactical Hi Vis Polo. Also available in Yellow and Grey or Orange and Grey, this neat and tidy option features a stylish Granddad collar and is a great choice in warmer working conditions.

For ultimate safety, complete your outfit with TRW505 Hi Vis Pro OverTrousers, which are also available in Yellow and Navy or Orange and Navy. These trousers are designed for tough environments, having been made with windproof fabric and a waterproof coating.

regatta hi vis jackets

Regatta Work Boots and Safety Footwear

If you need new work boots, Regatta Hiking Boots are available in a variety of styles and combine practical safety features with comfort and style.

For example, the TRK201 Mudstone Safety Hiker Boot is perfect for outdoor work. It has a steel toe cap for reliable protection and a flexible midsole, meaning that no matter how long you’re on your feet, you’ll stay comfortable. The boot looks great too, thanks to its timeless black and granite finish. Available in sizes 7-10 inclusive, Mudstone Safety Boots are just one of the great value options available.

Don’t get clobbered by high clothing prices – turn to ToolStore UK!

ToolStore UK has been kitting out trade professionals and hobbyists alike since 1963, so we can help you pick out work wear or safety gear that meets your needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can be contacted via our website, by calling 03330 043777 or by calling into our shop, which is just a short walk from the Wigan railway stations. No matter what you need, we’re here to help.

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