Stihl leaf blowers to blow you away!

Stihl leaf blowers to blow you away!

The poet John Keates described this time of year as the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” but for gardeners and landscapers, autumn is the season of leaves everywhere. Fortunately, ToolStore UK’s range of leaf blowers can help. Stihl leaf blowers are a favourite with many people, but we also offer alternatives from DeWalt, Makita and Metabo. With so much choice out there, it’s important to find the tool that’s right for you. To help, we’re going to look at some key points everyone should consider before hitting the ‘Buy Now’ button:

  • Why do I need a leaf blower?
  • Petrol leaf blowers vs electric leaf blowers
  • What about cordless leaf blowers?
  • Using a leaf blower safely

Why do I need a leaf blower?

stihl leaf blowers ukFallen leaves can starve grass of light, create slip and trip hazards on paths and create flooding, if allowed to block drains or gutters. Raking leaves up can be back-breaking and monotonous work if you have a large garden, or are working as a landscaper. That’s where a leaf blower can come in handy; they can be used to move and collect large quantities of fallen leaves quickly and easily.

Leaf blowers work by drawing in air and rotating it, using a fan with many blades, which is sometimes called an impeller. The rotation creates force which pushes the air through the blower tube. This is what enables the air to leave the blower at very high speeds. Just how high the speeds are will depend on the power output built into the machine. Thanks to a powerful and efficient 4-stroke petrol engine, the Makita EB7660TH 4 Stroke Back Pack Blower has a maximum air velocity of 206 miles per hour! With that kind of power behind you, you can make short work of even substantial leaf falls.

Depending on what you plan to do with your leaves, a leaf blower might not be the only piece of kit you invest in. If you’re looking to mulch or compost them, the Stihl SH56 C-E 27.2cc Vacuum / Shredder, which will gather up your leaves and shred them into tiny pieces and gather them in a 45 litre bag, is an excellent choice.  If you’re shredding leaves, but not pounds, you can convert the SH56 into a leaf blower too.

Petrol leaf blowers vs electric leaf blowers

The kind of leaf blower you need largely depends on the work you plan to do. If you plan to use the tool for work, a petrol-powered blower, like the Makita EB7660TH we mentioned above, is almost certainly your best bet. Most of the petrol leaf blowers sold by ToolStore UK are made by Stihl, who have a well-deserved reputation for building outstanding Outdoor Power Tools.  One of the most popular Stihl petrol leaf blowers is the BG86C-E. With an air speed of 154 miles per hour, this machine combines outstanding power with features designed for efficiency and prolonged use. These include Stihl ErgoStart for getting the tool working quickly plus an anti-vibration system paired with a soft handle for comfortable working.

Electric leaf blowers aren’t quite as powerful as their petrol-powered equivalents, but they do have some advantages. One is that they are easier to maintain and work with; there’s no need to worry about refuelling or servicing the engine. electric leaf blowers offer ‘plug and play’ operation – just plug them in and switch them on. Plus, with an electric leaf blower, there’s no fuel emissions.

Of course, if you’re using a corded leaf blower, the length of available power cable will affect how much of the garden can be covered at once.

stihl cordless leaf blower

Cordless Leaf Blowers

Cordless leaf blowers use the same battery technology as other power tools, making them great for larger gardens or a good value addition to an existing tool collection. So, if you’re an ‘all-rounder’ with a number of tools from a particular brand, you could save money by buying a ‘body only’ blower and using the batteries you already have.

As with any kind of leaf blower, the motor and battery power will have an impact on the air speed generated. Fortunately, ToolStore UK has models which utilise all the major battery types, from 18v right through to the new 40v and 54v technologies pioneered by Makita and DeWalt.

The DeWalt DCMBA572N 54v Brushless Flexvolt Axial Blower produces an air speed of up to 124 miles per hour and is available as a body only unit or with a 9ah battery included.

Stihl fans can also take advantage of cordless technology; their BGA45 18v Cordless Blower is supplied with an integrated 18v battery.

How To Use A Leaf Blower Safely

How To Use A Leaf BlowerAs with any tool, it is important to use a leaf blower appropriately and with your safety and that of others in mind. One important consideration is the noise generated by this kind of machine; regardless of which brand or model you choose, it won’t be silent.

If you’re using a leaf blower regularly, a reliable pair of ear defenders is a must-buy accessory. We offer category 3 ear defenders from Sealey, which are approved to protect against high noise levels in most working environments.

You should also think about the risks of flying debris, especially if you plan to use your Blower to gather other garden waste, like grass cuttings. For an all-in-one solution, the Stihl G500 PC Polycarbonate Visor is a good choice, which combines good ventilation and a light weight with removable ear defenders.

Don’t blow your budget… talk to ToolStore UK

Our team can help you make sure that your purchase gives you many years of trouble-free use. To help you identify the machine that meets your needs, give us a call on 03330 043777 or use our contact form.

We regularly price check our range to bring our customers the best possible prices and delivery is fast and FREE to most parts of the UK. Our friendly and knowledgeable colleagues are always happy to help you make the right choice of tool. So what are you waiting for? Browse our full range of leaf blowers now!

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