Hanging Cabinet Doors with the Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig

Hanging Cabinet Doors with the Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig


When woodworkers tackle a project, there are two aims for the finished item; it should work well and look good. The Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig helps to make any cabinet achieve both those goals.

Whatever the purpose of your cabinet and whichever part of the house it’s intended for, a concealed hinge is a great way to hang doors without having the opening mechanism visibly exposed. Because it comes from Kreg, the market leader in pocket hole joinery, the Concealed Hinge Jig has been designed to be intuitive for beginners, but robust enough for professionals.

How do you hang cabinet doors using hidden hinges?

Concealed hinges are great for mounting cabinet doors because they stay out of sight, they’re adjustable, and they work very well. Mounting them, though, requires drilling a large hole at a very specific position and depth. The Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig takes the guesswork out of drilling those holes, and allows you to do it with nothing more than a drill and the carbide-tipped bit that comes with the jig.

The Concealed Hinge Jig consists of a glass-filled nylon base with a hole that receives a drill guide. Indexing cams ensure that the jig positions the bit to drill a hole at the required offset — which is dictated by each hinge — and a built-in stop collar ensures that the cup depth is correct every time. There are even holes that you can use to guide a bit for hinge screw holes. It comes with a high-quality, carbide tipped bit to ensure great results.

That means that all you have to do is pick out your hinges, familiarise yourself with the mounting instructions that come with them, and then set up the Concealed Hinge Jig by adjusting the pair of built-in cams. After that, you’re set to drill hinge cup holes using any ordinary drill. Whether you’re installing one cabinet door or making doors for an entire kitchen, this product provides reliable, consistent results.

How do you drill a soft close hinge?

A ‘soft close hinge’ has hydraulics built in so when you close the cabinet door, the hydraulics take over and ease the door closed silently. The cabinet door appears to glide closed. The Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig is designed specifically for 35mm cup-style hinges, so can be used with soft close hinges which are 35 mm.

Do I need a Kreg Hinge Jig?

It’s never a bad idea to make sure you have the right kit for your projects and for thousands of woodworkers around the world, the Kreg range is full of ‘must have’ items. Their family of jigs includes a Drawer Slide Jig, a Shelf Pin Jig. ToolStore UK also offers the flagship of the Kreg Jig range; the K5 Jig Master System. The Chicago Tribune newspaper called the K5 system “the best of the best” and said it contained "everything you need for an enormous variety of furniture building". The K5 is the premium Kreg pocket hole jig and can be used for all sorts of projects.

ToolStore UK is proud to be a Kreg Stockist

ToolStore UK carries a wide range of Kreg screws and drill bits, routing products and clamps alongside their core range of pocket hole joinery products. We offer fast and free delivery to most parts of the UK on orders over £50 and our knowledgeable team are always happy to help if you have any questions about the products we sell.  We’re only a phone call to 0333 004 3777 away, or you can send us an email.

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14th January 2021

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