Makita XGT

Makita XGT

ToolStore UK is delighted to announce the arrival of the new Makita 40v XGT range of power tools and accessories.

The 40v XGT range builds on the success of the much-loved LXT series, which has grown into one of the largest cordless ranges on the market since launching in 2005. Now, Makita is helping professionals move towards truly cordless jobsites with the new XGT range.

Why Cordless?

Cordless power tools offer greater flexibility than their corded equivalents, as they can be used anywhere on the jobsite without the need to plug in to an extension lead. Cordless tools are perfect when you need manoeuvrability to complete a task. Makita XGT tools unleash a new level of power, making them perfect for heavy-duty work and professional use.

Why 40v?

In the 15 years since the LXT range created a great marriage of power and portability, virtually every manufacturer has developed a range of tools powered by 18v batteries. As battery technology has improved, there has been an increased demand for more powerful tools. The XGT series meets that demand, combining heavy-duty tools with innovative two-way digital communication between the tool and the battery. This allows for optimum performance and makes Makita XGT a genuine long-term solution for high-demand industrial users. At 40v, the XGT battery is the largest single unit available.

What does this mean for Makita LXT?

Makita is continuing to develop the 18v LXT range, with the new XGT products developing as a ‘big brother’ to it. With more than 200 products in the Makita LXT range already and plenty of new developments in the pipeline, Makita LXT tools aren’t going anywhere. Instead, the LXT series will be offered side-by-side with XGT products.

Charging into the future

Although the new 40v tools won’t be compatible with 18v batteries (and vice versa), Makita has developed a charging adaptor which will allow users to charge LXT batteries on their XGT charger. You’ll be able to use tools from both ranges while carrying a single charger. That charger will replenish batteries in as little as 28 minutes, meaning you can rely on XGT, whatever the job.

Can Makita batteries be interchanged?

No. Although it will be possible to charge 18v LXT batteries with the 40v XGT charger and the adaptor as mentioned above, XGT batteries won’t work with LXT tools. It also won’t be possible to use LXT batteries in XGT machines. The XGT battery system has been ‘built from the ground up’ to include innovative new features and improve performance.

Built to perform

Makita XGT products are built tough and are designed to withstand shock, splashing water and challenging environmental conditions. The batteries are designed to include impact absorbing padding and a heavy-duty outer casing. The tools themselves have been built to include added housing and battery terminal strength.

Heavy duty, future-proof tools

The XGT range sets a new standard in heavy duty, future-proof cordless tools. Check out our full range by clicking here.

13th August 2020

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