Bosch Carbide Accessories

Here at ToolStore UK, we’re always reviewing our product range to make sure our customers get the best products, at the best possible prices.

We’re incredibly excited to have added a range of BOSCH CARBIDE accessories to our website. These fantastic items stand up to almost any challenge and can cut through even the toughest materials for far longer than blades made with traditional materials. Here are some of the highlights of the range:

Jigsaw Blades

Jigsaw blade T 301 CD Clean Cutting Blades for Wood

Sold in packs of 5, these blades feature ground and taper ground teeth at 3 mm intervals. They are perfect for cutting chipboard, plywood panels and soft wood.  

T367XHM Progressive Jigsaw Blades 3 pack

Bosch T367XHM Carbide jigsaw blades have been designed for quick and aggressive cutting through thick, nail embedded wood. The teeth on these blades are placed using progressive spacing from 3.5 mm to 5 mm between them. This gives you the quickest cut through the toughest materials.

 bosch carbide

Reciprocating Blades

S957CHM CT Rescue Sabre Blade

This blade has individually welded teeth, so can cut through both sheet metal and steel. This blade is ideal for anyone working in vehicle rescue or dismantling.

S956DHM Window Demolition Sabre Blade

If you need to cut through Chipboard, Glass-fibre reinforced plastic or Epoxy, you need this blade in your kit.  It has 6 side set, ground teeth per inch and can “outlast 15-20 standard Bosch blades” according to ToolStore UK customer Anthony Melling.

SDS Max Masonry Drill Bits

20mm x 320mm SDS Max 8X Bit

Drive through concrete, reinforced concrete, limestone, masonry and other materials with this hard-wearing SDS Max bit. It has a working length of 200 mm and is part of a range that goes through to 1200 mm working lengths. The unique BOSCH CARBIDE 4-cutter head makes any job straightforward.

Circular Saw Blades

2608644514 190mm x 30mm 48T Circular Saw Blade

With 48 teeth and a 30 mm kerf, this circular saw blade will give you extremely smooth cuts in wood, again and again.  Durable and reliable, this product will provide a quality finish for your cuts.


bosch circular saw

Multi Tool Blades

AIZ32AT HM Plunge Blade

Make short work of cutting holes in floors and skirting boards with this workhorse Multi-Tool Blade. The diameter of 32 mm and immersion depth of 40 mm make this blade ideal for a wide range of tasks. Like all BOSCH CARBIDE products, it will withstand many kinds of stress and provide a long working life.


25 mm Endurance Holesaw

Bosch Endurance holesaws, cut where BiMetal holesaws fail and have a working life up to 20 times longer. BOSCH CARBIDE Technology ensures more heat resistance of the teeth in hard and abrasive materials such as hardened screws/nails, stainless steel, brick and so on.

 bosch holesaws

The ultimate accessory range

BOSCH CARBIDE accessories stand up to virtually any challenge, so offer brilliant value for money. Click here to shop our full range today.

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9th March 2020

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