Bosch Carbide

Bosch Carbide Range


The BOSCH CARBIDE range of accessories is perfect for people who demand durability and performance when cutting through solid materials. 

Carbide is one of the hardest and most wear resistant metals. It withstands physical stress, impact, deformation, high temperatures, corrosion and high pressure and is used for working with the toughest materials.

BOSCH was the first manufacturer to develop cutting accessories with Carbide technology; these products are able to cut more materials with ease - including ones that were not possible before.

For greater toughness and a longer lifetime, choose BOSCH CARBIDE accessories.

Carbide Technology

Holesaws and Holesaw Sets

Multi Tool Blades

Recip Blades

Jigsaw Blades

BOSCH Jigsaw blade T 130 RF Special for CeramicsBOSCH Jigsaw blade T 130 RF Special for Ceramics
£12.28 inc

(£10.23 ex VAT)

Circular Saw Blades

BOSCH 2608642502 250mm x 30mm 22T Saw Blade
£41.09 inc

(£34.24 ex VAT)

BOSCH 2608644522 250mm x30mm 24T Table Saw Blade
£35.08 inc

(£29.23 ex VAT)

SDS Max Masonry Drill Bits

Bosch Carbide Accessories