Bosch turns up heat

Bosch turns up heat

You want to pack some heat this summer? Promising longer lifetime, improved ergonomics and the ability to crack on with a broader range of projects, Bosch has revealed a new generation of hot air guns.

The new line up comprises of the pistol-grip GHG 20-63 Professional and GHG 23-66 Professional, plus the bar-shape GHG 20-60 Professional.

All three models come fitted with powerful motors and, Bosch says, thanks to improved airflow, offer 30 percent longer lifetime. In addition, these heat guns offer improved ergonomics, thanks to their light weight and a new soft grip design.

So who are they aimed at? Carpenters, installers, electricians, roofers, floor layers or car mechanics will, Bosch says, find the new guns work in a practical, effortless and controlled way – regardless of whether you’re stripping varnish, paint or window putty, bending pipes, shrinking tubes, soldering copper pipes or welding plastics.

The tools are super versatile thanks to the extensive range of accessories: nozzle choices include glass protection, surface, reduction and reflector, while a quick-welding shoe and various heat-shrink tubes are available.

Designed for universal use, the GHG 20-63 Professional operates at 2000 watts with a maximum working temperature of 630 degrees Celsius. The hot air gun provides convenient air and temperature control for a range of applications in workshops and on construction sites, the air volume being adjustable through three settings from 150 to 500 litres per minute, while the digital temperature setting shift in increments of 10 °C at a time.

Values are easy to read on the 1.4-inch LCD display, should the heating element of the GHG 23-63 Professional overheat, it automatically switches itself off and is additionally cooled by the blower, which remains on. This provision, of course, increases the lifetime of the tool.

Meanwhile, the GHG 23-66 Professional is more powerful, operating at 2300 watts with a max temperature of 650 degrees Celsius. It offers digital temperature adjustment as well as variable airflow control from 150 to 500 liters per minute in increments of ten. This makes the tool especially suitable for welding of lorry tarpaulins, pond linings or roof sheeting. The temperature and airflow control, which can be read quickly and easily on the 1.4-inch LCD display, offers maximum precision, so temperature-critical work can be melted without burning.

Four adjustable programs ensure additional ease of use by making air-flow and temperature immediately available for the main applications. If the heating element of the GHG 23-66 Professional overheats, it, too, automatically switches off.

Finally, for precise results in hard-to-reach areas, the GHG 20-60 Professional promises clean and precise results, its bar shape making it possible to work especially flat and close to the material, for example in order to weld PVC or linoleum flooring. The GHG 20-60 Professional operates at 2000 watts and has a maximum working temperature of 630 degrees Celsius. It provides two airflow settings as well as nine temperature settings.


9th July 2018

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