How To Maintain A Cordless Drill

How To Maintain A Cordless Drill

Cordless power drills are essential tools for many; whether you have one for occasional DIY projects or you’re a trade professional using a drill daily, it might be the most important tool in your kit.

If properly looked after, your cordless drill will give you years of trouble-free service. So, here are our top tips for cordless drill maintenance.

Keep it clean

Removing debris at the end of every task is essential. The specific instructions for cleaning your tool may vary, depending on the manufacturer and will usually be found on the packaging or within the user manual. If there are screws on the outside of the tool, it may be possible to unscrew them to clean the inside – but ALWAYS check before doing this for the first time to make sure that opening the machine won’t invalidate the warranty.

Before cleaning your drill, you should remove the battery and clean that separately as required. Cleaning tools with their batteries attached can cause injury and ruin the tools.

Looking after a cordless drill

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Oil the drill regularly

If not lubricated, the metal parts of your drill will become dull and maybe even chipped over time. This will shorten the life of wearing parts like the chuck. The good news is that oiling a Cordless Drill is pretty straightforward.

Open the chuck all the way. The chuck is the portion of the drill where the drill bit sits when you’re using it. Place a few drops of lubricant into the chuck without any bits inside. Open and close it five times to spread the lubricant evenly. Then, take a soft cloth and dab away any excess oil. Too much lubricant can cause debris to stick inside of the chuck and cause blockages. A build-up like this is just as bad as not using lubricant in the first place. Finally, replace your bit and operate the drill for about 20 to 30 seconds to move it around thoroughly. You can then use the drill straight away and the whole process should take around a minute. If you do this every few weeks (or more regularly if you’re using the drill daily), your chuck will last longer.

Keep an eye on other wearing parts

The chuck isn’t the only element of a cordless drill which might need to be replaced. If your drill has a brushed motor, it is important to keep the brushes clean and to replace them when they wear out. Most new cordless tools use brushless motors, which are more efficient and require less looking after but it is always worth checking the user manual and / or packaging for any tool-specific care instructions.

Store your tools sensibly

Ideally, tools should be stored in a clean, dry environment which isn’t regularly exposed to extremes of temperature. If you have space, keeping tools in carry cases, or hanging them up on hooks can prevent damage and help you keep things organised. An alternative is to keep tools in large capacity storage bins or boxes. This can help reduce exposure to dust and humidity whilst ensuring you use the space available efficiently. ToolStore UK has a wide range of storage products available for various purposes.

Think about how you operate the tool

Using your cordless drill in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions will help prolong its life. For instance, if you use the drill perpendicular to the surface that you’re working with, this ensures a direct pilot hole or screw insertion and prevents the bits from coming loose. If the drill is used incorrectly, the chuck can slowly weaken. Other simple steps, such as checking that the battery is securely in place and testing different speed settings can help you to prevent the battery shorting or discharging too quickly. Even using the wrong drill bit for the job you’re doing can cause problems; you can strip the screw, dull the bit and loosen the chuck.

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