Trend have been designing and developing router technologies since 1955. With a strong reputation for high quality, they operate in three key areas: professional carpentry and woodworking, trade range products (aimed at the building trade) and craft and home DIY. They have developed a range of custom jigs to enable you to achieve routing tasks that would normally require much more specialist machinery, including worktop jigs for kitchen fitting, mortise and tenon jigs for joinery applications and letterbox jigs and hinge jigs for door hanging.

The New Trend PH/JIG/AK Pocket Hole Pro Jig Kit

Create a variety of strong joints individually with the Trend PH/JIG/AK Professional pocket hole jig kit. It allows you to quickly and accurately join timber, MDF, blockboard and plywood giving strong instant joints. The adjustable height allows material from 12.7mm to 38mm to be jointed, with a quick and easy drill bit depth setting turret.

TREND PH/JIG/AK Pocket Hole Pro Jig KitTREND PH/JIG/AK Pocket Hole Pro Jig Kit
£132.00 inc

(£110.00 ex VAT)

The Trend T11EK 240V 1/2

The Trend T11EK router is a high spec router. Its 2,000w soft start motor has full wave electronic variable control for constant speed under load for a fine finish on all types of material. Can be used freehand or when mounted to a router table.


We stock a wide range of routers and trimmersdiamond sharpening tools and jigs. Renowned for their durability and high quality, these tools ensure expert precision on every project.

Routers and Trimmers

Trend Routers and Trimmers

Leading the way in technology and innovation, Trend have developed router cutters to suit all types of applications.

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CraftPro Router Cutters

Trend CraftPro Router Cutters

These micro-granular Tungsten Carbide tips deliver perfect sharpness on softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, plywood and chipboard.

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Trade Router Cutters TCT

Trend Trade Router Cutters TCT

Non-stick to minimise resin and heat build up, Trend's PTFE non-stick coated TCT tools are ideal for professionals.

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Diamond Sharpening

Trend Diamond Sharpening

Use Trend's diamond sharpening range to keep your tools working their best for longer.

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Jigs and Accessories

Trend Jigs and Accessories

To maximise the potential of your router, Trend offer a range of accessories for the professional user and craftsman.

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Professional Router Cutters TCT

Trend Professional Router Cutters TCT

Specially designed PTFE coated TCT tooling meets the needs of the woodworker and tradesman for quality and performance.

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Router Bit Sets

Trend Router Bit Sets

Perfect for a variety of applications, Trend router bit sets are ideal for beginners as well as skilled tradesman.

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Routing Accessories

Trend Routing Accessories

Get the most out of your Trend router with these useful routing accessories.

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Browse our wide range of circular saw blades, jigsaw blades and planer blades. Reliable and durable, Trend's high-quality blades provide what you need to get the job done.

Circular Saw Blades

Trend Circular Saw Blades

Find the appropriate sawblade for the material you're cutting with Trend sawblades.

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Jigsaw Blades

Trend Jigsaw Blades

High quality jigsaw blades to cut straight and curved cuts in natural and man-made timber and plastic.

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Planer Blades

Trend Planer Blades

Trend's solid Carbide Blades fit most makes of portable electric planers.

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From meauring tools and lights and torches to workwear and protection, Trend provides jobsite essentials that ensure you deliver work safely and accurately every time. 

Lights and Torches

Trend Lights and Torches

Trend's lights and torches have high-grade aluminium bodies and deep-seated anodising processing for increased abrasion resistance.

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Measuring and Levelling

Trend Measuring and Leveling

Essential for all DIYers and professional woodworkers, browse Trend's range of reliable marking and measuring tools.

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Multi Tool Accessories

Trend Multi Tool Accessories

Trend's oscillating multi-tool accessories fit onto the majority of popular models.

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Workwear and Protection

Trend Workwear and Protection

Ensure protection against health and safety risks with Trend's range of workwear and protection accessories.

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