Lauded throughout the world for both their performance and quality, Makita’s 100 year history makes them one of the leading manufacturers of power tools in the world. Acquiring Dolmar in 1991 has strengthened their position in the outdoor power tools market.


Founded in Nagoya City, Japan in 1915, Makita's business was the sale and repairs of lighting fixtures, motors and transformers. After years of development and testing, Makita specialised in electric motors and began exporting them to the world in 1935. In 1938, the company became a limited company and introduced the new name "Makita Electric Works, Ltd.".

Their first power tool was anounced in 1958, a hand-operated electric planer. This was a significant turning point in the company's history, determining the direction to this day. Later that same year, they strengthened their positioning as a special manufacturer of power tools by introducing a hand-held wall chaser. After years of development, the power tools range expanded as the company obtained an electric hand-operated circular saw and drill machine in 1962. 

Makita launched its first 7.2v battery drum in 1978 and by 1987 Makita's 7.2v battery tool range covered 15 different tools, all of which could be used with the same battery and charger. In 2005 they developed a fully-fledged 18V Lithium Ion line in 2005, which today offers the world's largest 18v battery tool range, powered by a slider-mount battery.

Makita headquarters


By providing the tools, Makita wants to ensure society and global communities are able to develop for themselves and future generations. From their regard of the environment to evolving safety measures and innovations in design and manufacturing, they not only contribute to a better today, but to a better future.


Makita are constantly striving for innovation in their technology and products with safety solutions like AVT and dust extraction, through to their Lithium-Ion battery and chargers technology. Expert engineers in their dedicated research and development centre in Japan work hard to constantly improve products in every aspect, from power consumption through to ergonomic design and function.


Makita source the very best materials and components to manufacture the most powerful and efficient motors imaginable in plants across the globe. The Telford manufacturing plant is the only full-production facility for power tools in the UK, successfully running construction on many top line cordless power tools.


Premium grade steel is used to produce armature shafts and gears and high grade magnetic copper wire goes into each tool. This ensures superior current flow whilst withstanding extreme temperatures. Quality control test each machine leaving the factory and the ISO-9001 quality management system assists in continually monitoring and managing the high quality ethos across all operations.


A range of power tools which are carefully researched and tested, meeting the needs and high expectations of the professional user.

Angle Grinders

Makita Angle Grinders

These grinders remove corrosion, smooth edges and polish with precision and ease.

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Circular Saws

Makita Circular Saws

Cut materials down to size with complete ease with a powerful circular saw.

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Dust Extractors

Makita Dust Extractors

Minimise health risks by keeping your environment dust-free with a range of dust extractors and vacuums.

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Hammer Drills

Makita Hammer Drills

Take on any challenge with ease. Browse this range of powerful hammer drills.

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Makita Jigsaws

Whether ornate or ordinary, any shape is possible with superb jigsaws.

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Mitre Saws

Makita Mitre Saws

Make cuts at a variety of angles with mitre saws that deliver both precision and power.

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Multi Tools

Makita Multi Tools

Browse a range of multi-tools, perfect for cutting, sanding, grinding or finishing.

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Routers and Trimmers

Makita Routers and Trimmers

Perform a variety of tasks with a range of routers and trimmers.

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Makita Sanders

These sanders deliver excellent maneuverability and high productivity.

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Makita Screwdrivers

Speed up assembly and repair jobs with an electric screwdriver.

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Makita SDS Max

SDS Max tools are perfect for heavy duty jobs when extra power is required.

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Cordless Kits

Makita cordless Kits

Cordless kits which are excellent value for money for both amateur DIYers and professional tradesman.

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The wrong bits could mean a poor finish or even a damaged tool. Makita offer a full range of accessories so that you always have the right tool for the job.

Holesaw Sets

Makita Holesaw Sets

With their varied-pitch tooth design, Makita holesaw sets are ideal for cutting various materials.

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Impact Socket Sets

Makita Impact Socket Sets

Impact socket sets designed for industrial, automotive and construction applications.

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Jigsaw Blade Sets

Makita Jigsaw Blade Sets

With their strong blades, you'll enjoy a clean, sharp cut every time with jigsaw blade sets.

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Masonry Drilling Sets

Makita Masonry Drilling Sets

When you need power and precision, Makita's masonry drill bits drill through stone with ease.

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Mixed Accessory Sets

Makita Mixed Accessory Sets

Makita's mixed accessory sets have everything you need to get the job done.

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Screwdriving Sets

Makita Screwdriving Sets

Makita screwdriving sets have all the bits you need for driving screws easily.

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SDS+ Sets

Makita SDS+ Sets

When you need that extra power, Makita's SDS+ bits are made from the toughest materials.

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Wood Drill Bit Sets

Makita Wood Drill Bit Sets

Makita's wood drill bit sets include a range of types and sizes to help you drill wood effortlessly.

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