Goodbye to window pain!

Goodbye to window pain!

We all know that whenever a project involves glass, it can be a headache to sign the work off without leaving your prints – literally – all over the job.

And that’s what makes this nifty little newcomer worth a look: a professional glass vacuum cleaner which promises to make surfaces smear-free in two quick steps, banishing blemishes and streaks at the flick of a switch. Your elbows may never have had it so good…

To prove its value as a must-have for builders, home maintenance experts and just about anyone who knows how near-impossible it is to get glass 100% clean, the Bosch GlassVAC (RRP £79.99) has just been put to the most rigorous test…

They tested it on penguins.

Okay, not literally, on penguins. But the windows at the Penguin Ice Adventure, at Birmingham’s Sea Life Centre, are regularly prodded and smudged by hundreds of excitable kids. And seeing as Bosch’s new toy also boasts that it doesn’t make annoying squeaking noises, seeking a bit of penguin approval seemed logical.

The test, says Bosch, went well, with no penguins harmed and their glass left clean as new.

So how does it work? As the first cordless window vacuum from Bosch, it’s ready to use at any time and cleans surfaces quickly in two steps, the wiper blade gliding effortlessly over surfaces thanks to an ultra-low friction, Bosch-patented material. The blade is also very robust and durable, says Bosch, lasting far longer than a conventional wiper blade.

It’s suitable for glass and acrylic surfaces, tiles, mirrors, shower cubicles… it’ll even vacuum up spilled liquids. And as a cordless bit of kit, it’s compact, too, measuring 20 centimetres tall, which makes it 30 per cent smaller than similar rivals. The strong suction power, Bosch claims, makes it highly effective close to window edges. All said, it looks like a glass act.

1st May 2018

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