The Makita DCE090 Cordless Disc Cutter

The Makita DCE090 Cordless Disc Cutter

ToolStore UK is proud to present the new Makita DCE090 Disc Cutter, which combines the convenience of a cordless tool and the power to match a corded tool with a raft of features which help you work both efficiently and safely.

What is the Makita DCE090 for?

This is a 36v cordless Disc Cutter, which would be used for cutting hard materials, such as ceramic tile, metal or concrete. With a no-load speed of up to 6,600 rpm, the Makita DCE090 Disc Cutter is ideal for cutting larger items, to a maximum cutting depth of 88 mm. Because this tool is powered by two 18v batteries, it brings a huge amount of power to jobs like cutting through metal studs or large metal pipes.

Why is the Makita DCE090 the right cutting tool for me?

The Makita DCE090 Disc Cutter can used with cutting discs of up to 230mm in diameter with a maximum thickness of 3mm. It is supplied with two wrenches, a coupling sleeve and an abrasive cut off wheel.

The DCE090 also offers reliability and durability, making use of Makita’s powerful Brushless motor technology to provide a tool which will give you the power you need, for longer.

It can be used for both wet and dry cutting; a Water Supply Kit is available separately for applications that require wet cutting. Of course, cutting large materials can be both difficult and dangerous. The Makita DCE090ZX1 has a raft of features which make these jobs easier, including a soft start and an LED job lamp and Active Feedback Sensing Technology, which shuts down the tool in the event of a sudden drop in rotation speed.

The DCE090 also has operator safety in mind, featuring an electric brake, a lock-off button and an overload indicator lamp as standard. It also has a battery cover to keep water away from the batteries during wet cutting operation.

Does the Makita DCE090 come with batteries?

ToolStore UK offers the DCE090 in a kit that includes two 5 ah batteries and a charger, but we also offer a ‘body only’ version, which includes the DCE090 and its accessories, but is not supplied with batteries or a charger.

If you need the Water Supply Kit, we can help with that too. And, of course, we have a range of accessories to provide respiratory and / or eye protection and replacement Diamond Cutting Wheels.

How do I get a Makita DCE090?

Such a fantastic tool is, of course, subject to availability, but the links below will take you to the pages for each version of the product. You know that by buying from ToolStore UK you will get fantastic value for money, fast and free delivery and superb customer service.

Click here to buy the DCE090T2X1 with 2 x 5ah Batteries


2nd November 2020

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