DEWALT Compressor


Cordless compression? DEWALT nails it!

DEWALT has launched the world’s first cordless pneumatic solution, making it possible to cut the cord and take pneumatic nailing anywhere on the jobsite.

No more negotiations with electricians on site… no more waiting for a power source… no more hassle with trip-hazard connecting power lines… what’s not to like about DEWALT’s DCC1054 XR FLEXVOLT Compressor?

Joining the 54V XR FLEXVOLT range, this 10-litre compressor is battery-powered and lightweight, allowing you to wave goodbye to the constraints of a wired system and take pneumatic nailing anywhere on the jobsite.

Compatible with DEWALT’s 18-gauge DPN1850 Air Brad Nailer plus the 16-gauge ,15-gauge and 23-gauge headless pinner options, the business of second-fix nailing and stapling just got a whole lot easier and quicker, making it possible to have a complete cordless pneumatic system.

Featuring DEWALT’s OneTurn regulator, the DCC1054 allows you to adjust the compressor’s regulated pressure quickly and easily and, the maker says, is ideally suited to nailing jobs, while it will also be of major interest to professionals who work with air-powered paint gun tasks. And it’s even the perfect rescue tool for any under-inflated or flat tyres on site!

Further features include an oil-free brushless motor, a roll cage to protect against knocks and a pressure ability up to 9.3bar.

Crucially, tests with the 18GA Brad Nailer and DCB546 battery have shown that this compressor is capable of delivering up to 1,220 nails per charge – which is more than enough clout to nail any fears about capacity. And, of course, this new beauty also works with the range’s combo Brad Nailer and Stapler.




23rd April 2019

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