The recent rebrand of leading power tool manufacturer HITACHI may have already come to the attention of the serious power tool fans out there, but for some of you, this might be the first you’ve heard of this news. If you want to learn how this change will affect your beloved tools, then we suggest you read on.

HITACHI have recently rebranded their full line of power tools, becoming HiKOKI. Over its 70-year history HITACHI has delivered products ranging from plant equipment to bullet trains, but the new HiKOKI will be heading up the power tool side of things. Plus, the changes are in line with the company’s ambitious growth strategy alongside their new partnership with the investment company KKR.

How does this affect my tools?

The tools themselves will remain the same, only the name will change on the side of the model. Spare parts will remain available, manufacturing methods will stay the same and model numbers won’t change.

New Multi Volt range

From October 2018, a much wider range of tools and accessories will be released under the HiKOKI brand. The new Multi Volt range is designed to bring your cordless tools increased performance and flexibility by offering a 36V/18V platform. This flexibility will be a particular advantage at high power levels.

The BSL36A18 36V Multi Volt battery pack, which has been brought out to accompany the new range, has a capacity of 2.5Ah on 36V, and 5.0Ah on 18V. Another one to watch out for is the new BSL36B18 battery pack with a capacity of 4.0Ah on 36V and 8.0Ah on 18V. Impressively, as the new battery packs’ dimensions and weight remain virtually the same, they can be used with a wide range of existing 18V class devices. So your new Multi Volt batteries will work with your old HITACHI tools.


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5th October 2018

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