Bosch Wall Scanner

Bosch Wall Scanner

We detect a bargain!

Hidden hazards can be dangerous and costly. But with some great new technology out there to offer peace of mind, ToolStore UK has got it covered – and detected!

If it hasn’t happened to you, consider yourself lucky. Hidden nails and studs can be an expensive and hugely time-wasting mistake to hit with your tools, while a badly plotted water pipe – or worse still a live wire – can be downright dangerous.

We all face these everyday risks on site, so it makes sense to add a decent detector to your tool box. But which one? Thankfully, ToolStore UK has an armoury of choices on the shelf – but we’ve picked out one particular option this week that’s well worth a look.

At £219.00 inc VAT, the Bosch DTECT120Li Digi Wall Scanner (10.8v) has a hefty £63.00 price cut off the list price and is a spot-on intuitive scanner for all materials, including water-filled plastic pipes, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, wooden studs and live cables.

How far does it probe? It can detect down to a depth of 120mm for steel and copper while it searches to 60mm for live cables. It will also tell you the depth of wooden substructures down to 38mm. And once it’s found the centre of a hazard, it’ll give you a direction indication to allow you to plot safe avoidance as you work on.

A dual power facility (10.8 V / 4 x 1.5 V LR6 AA) tops off the spec to make this an excellent buy – and with a manufacturer’s recommended price of £352.92, it’s a snip!

6th August 2018

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