Evolution RAGE5-S Multisaw

You measure, you saw, you conquer!

If your workload involves cutting a range of materials, specialising in specific tools can spell a large expenditure – let alone a larger van to move them all. So all the more reason to take our hats off (but keep the safety glasses on, of course) and welcome Evolution’s RAGE5S 255mm portable multipurpose table saw.

Recommended by the maker at £329.99 (inc VAT), but on sale here at Toolstore UK at a chopped down £279.60 (inc VAT), this is destined to be a 32kg class act in the multipurpose tool league.

It’s optimised to cut mild steel, non-ferrous metals, wood – even wood with embedded nails, as well as plastic… doing it all with the same single blade. And no blade changes, of course, spells faster work and smoother progress towards finishing the job in hand.

Development was carried out by Evolution to ensure that the RAGE5-S produces little drama when active. For cutting mild steel, the maker tells us, “the saw produces no heat, no burrs and virtually no sparks – the cuts are clean and cool to touch, creating an instant workable finish.”

The blade is fully adjustable with rise and fall (0-80mm) while the tilt capacity (45° to the left hand), allows great cutting versatility. In addition, a sliding carriage system is available to the left-hand side, while other features include an integral 'foldaway' stand with wheels and handle.

We also particularly like the mitre gauge with an adjustable face-plate that incorporates quick-access positive angle stops from -60? to +60?. And the versatile table-top with integral quick-deploy table extensions to the right and left-hand sides makes this a multifunction wizard.

In essence, it’s hard to disagree with the maker’s boast here: why would you buy a saw that only cuts wood when you can buy the nifty RAGE5-S® multipurpose saw?

18th June 2018

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