Measuring up with Bosch GLM 120C

Smile, it’s on camera!

Bosch has cranked up the potential for its successful measuring technology to bring an exciting new tool to the market. Meet the GLM120C…

It’s got to be one of our biggest on-site headaches: getting a measurement for a job that’s accurate. Quantify too much and you’ll be wasting on over-ordered resources, calculate too little and the project might be stopped in its tracks while you re-assess. Factor in the challenge of larger-scale measurements and the opportunity for costly error looms even larger.

Thankfully, Bosch has just come up with a larger-scale professional laser measure that takes the stress and guesswork out of measuring and documenting – even for outdoor projects.

The new GLM 120 C Professional Laser Measure slots into Bosch’s range below the GLM150 and delivers a new dimension in practicality, thanks to added smart features.

First up, this is the first Bosch measuring laser with a camera built-in, including a full-colour on-screen display. It's 5.0 mega pixel with 8x zoom, meaning even in daylight you can spot the laser point more accurately and often carry out the job solo. The bluetooth feature also lets you export any digitally created floor plans to your phone or laptop, using the Measuring Master App.

Bosch is aiming this on all trades that rely upon fast and precise measurements indoors, from painters, plasterers and landscape gardeners, through to architects. They’re certainly going to find the integrated camera appealing. You can use this and the cross-hair on the display to precisely aim for the target point – and, as a result, measure over large distances of up to 120 meters.

Along with a five megapixel capacity and a three-stage zoom, it saves up to 700 images and shows the last 50, along with the measured values, in the display – so each individual measurement can be assigned.

And being powered by lithium-ion technology, it goes the distance on running time. Check out this video to see how far the GLM 120C’s abilities go.

12th June 2018

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