Makita Power Barrow

Makita Power Barrow

Loads better than a back-breaking barrow!

At last, Makita’s come up with a tool that takes a load off your back as well as your mind.

No matter how high-tech our approach to a building job gets, there’s one part of daily work that has remained stuck in a stubborn rut: the good old-fashioned wheelbarrow.

Or maybe not so good. In fact, with research in the US indicating that back injuries account for more than 20 per cent of workplace mishaps, spinal strain is second only to the common cold for lost work days. If your business uses old-fashioned wheelbarrows, this can be bad news.

Driven by a brushless motor at up to 3.5kph and capable of hauling up to 130kg of blocks up a 12 degree slope, the DCU180Z is a dream come true for anyone who knows the grim task of wrestling to get supplies over challenging terrain. As well as for construction sites, Makita reckons it also promises to be a blessing in a variety of operating fields, including landscaping and groundworks.

In closer detail, the in-wheel brushless motor drives an adjustable chassis with pipe frame or bucket frame option, the former being for block loading and the latter for messier ballast jobs. The barrow’s motor is integrated into the front wheel to ensure maximum traction to the heavily ribbed agri-tyre, while you choose two forward speeds (Hi being up to 3.5 km/h, Lo being 1.5 km/h) as well as a powered reverse of 1.0 km/h. 

Stopping power comes from a front disc brake controlled by the hand lever on the steering handles. The unit weighs just 32.5kg, has foldable handles that can be adjusted to three height levels and comes with detachable rear trailing wheels, as well as a kick-down brake.

Power is delivered by any of Makita’s 18v LXT Lithium-Ion batteries and neat touches include soft start to ease the load away, constant speed control, twin LED driving lights and a locking brake lever for maximum site safety. For added security, an individual ignition lock key is provided. 

With a recommended retail price of £1,260, we’re offering it for £711.52 inclusive of VAT, or £592.93 ex-VAT. If you'd like to buy this new beauty, get in touch with our Customer Services team on 03330 043777. 


6th June 2018

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