Whether it’s fifty metres up on a roof, in a tunnel ten metres down or on an emergency call-out that needs finishing to a promised deadline, we all want freedom to go anywhere with our tools and rely on them delivering the job while we’re there. 

And it’s that niggling fear of failure that has held back the decision of many professional tool users to make more of a commitment to battery-driven kit. But there is a product out there which is beginning to rewrite the rules on how far we might trust cordless kit to see the job through.

DeWALT’s XR FLEXVOLT battery (£138 inc VAT/ £115 exc-VAT) was launched in 2016 and has been steadily and solidly building a reputation as the go-to heavy-duty solution that’s both compact and durable. If breaking free from corded spells the end of extra slog and technical headaches, it looks like the XR FLEXVOLT has got it covered.

In fact, DeWALT’s been so sure of the new system for buyers that its UK boss called the technology “limitless for each and every trade”.

How does DeWalt XR Flexvolt Battery technology work?

That’s a big boast, so how does it work? The XR uses the world’s first convertible platform battery, offering both 18v and 54v. To save on your budget, the units are also retro-compatible with all of DeWALT’s 18v XR range. In fact, DeWALT claims slotting one of these into your 18v cordless tool will give you "unbeatable runtime".

Here’s the super clever bit though: the XR also has the option to amplify its voltage – up to an unprecedented 54v. So it’s comfortably man enough for combination with big, heavy-draw construction tools. And the battery is also 6Ah, offering charge to spare for lower draw tools, such as drill drivers.

With more than an average day’s runtime on a single charge for most users, the XR FLEXVOLT is fast becoming a must-have for anyone seeking to cut the cord. And let’s face it, who isn’t?

15th May 2018

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